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Re: Wrestling (Main Event) Mafia

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2017, 19:02
by Zoomzip
shadowface wrote:
Zoomzip wrote:First draft of public rule set.

Are your ready for questions?

Then ask them.

Wow, that looks fun ZZ. I couldn't understand all the rules because I know nothing about wrestling but I'll figure it out if I decide to play. You probably going to run this after Fable 10 finishes?

Yeah, knowing about wrestling isn't that important, it is still a mafia game with a card game of war in the middle of it, just a lot of wrestling flavor. It will run when SJG slots me.

The key differences are:
1) Posting at night is a thing (and voting at night may affect a day even after you are eliminated!)
2) Vote counts may fluctuate due to match results
3) Mechanics are unlikely to be standard cop/doc/watcher stuff
4) Some mechanics are dependent on how you relate to other people.

But ultimately, that is all ways of playing mafia, not ways of simulating wrestling :)