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Re: Spyfall-inspired mechanic; input welcome

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2017, 23:58
by Keirador
For what it's worth, I was putting the finishing touches on this rule set, and just mulling over how I'd break it if I were a player, and had the showerthought realization this morning that one can break it badly for town, probably irreparably, so this is on indefinite hold, pending probably a complete re-think. If any of this gets used at some point it's probably more likely to just be a recycling of flavor-text I've already written.

For the curious, what occurred to me was people putting hints in thread that are so obscure nobody will get them on that actual day, but can be decoded later in the game to prove they were (and thus still are) town, after it's too late for the mafia to make use of that information. You don't even need to like subtly lay down a "hint," posting a cipher would work, and then posting the key to the cipher the next day.

Oh, well. Maybe one of these days I'll hit on a game design that works.