The Apprentice Mafia

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The Apprentice Mafia

Postby LOLSHOCK » 18 Sep 2013, 19:58

Took a look through the ideas section and this popped into my head.

There are 2 factions: The loyal aspiring candidates and The horrible saboteurs from the IT shop across the road.

There are 15 players:
1 Sir Alan
1 good adviser (Karen Brady or Nick Hewer)
1 bribed adviser (Karen Brady or Nick Hewer)
8 loyal aspiring candidates
4 horrible saboteurs from the IT shop across the road

Win Conditions

Sir Alan, the good adviser and the loyal aspiring candidates win when all the horrible saboteurs are eliminated.
The bribed adviser and the horrible saboteurs win when the horrible saboteurs are greater in number than the loyal aspiring candidates

Player Elimination

There is NO Night Kill or Lynch
Players will be eliminated by Alan Sugar, the players he can choose from will be 3 of the players on the team that lost the last task. The task leader of the losing team must pick 2 people from their team to join them in the boardroom to face Alan Sugar before the end of the day, Alan Sugar will pick who is fired.
Player alignment will only be revealed to the 2 advisers upon elimination.
If a 1 on 1 situation is reached all eliminated players may come back and give their view on who Alan Sugar should hire.


Players may not post in the thread at night or during the boardroom phase
Loyal aspiring candidates may not PM each other regarding game related matters.
The saboteurs may communicate with any other saboteurs on their team by PM provided I am cc'd during the day.
The saboteurs will share a night meeting.
Whilst players are in the boardroom they may only communicate via PM with other players in the board room and I must be cc'd, they may not talk to those outside the boardroom.


All candidates are vanilla

The Tasks

During the day players will be asked to volunteer to be team leader, the candidates from that team will then vote between the volunteers. If no one volunteers a team leader will be chosen by
The team leader they may choose to make their team fail the task, it will not show up any different to the town, if both team leaders decide to fail the task then it cancels out and it will be treated as if neither did.
If neither or both team leaders decide to fail the task then the winning team will be decided by
One advisor will be randomly assigned to each team, the advisor will be informed if the team leader chose to fail the task.

The Teams

The teams will start with 2 saboteurs on each of the 2 teams, if one team has 2 more members than the other then players will randomly be transferred across to even out the numbers.

The Deadlines

The day will last 72 hours
The boardroom phase will last 48 hours with speed deadlines in effect should Sir Alan come to an early decision.
The night will last 48 hours with speed deadlines in effect should the saboteurs vote to end the night early.

Any questions, comments or suggestions? I think this is looking a lot less complicated than my other creation, he says hopefully.
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