Fate of the World Mafia

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Fate of the World Mafia

Postby Harb » 22 Feb 2013, 19:27

First: Big thanks to Bazza for providing a lot of help work out the snags!

Gauging interest in playing with a slightly strange mechanic. Details below. This is mostly where it needs to be, and barring lack of interest or huge issues Bazza and I failed to spot, will probably be added to the Queue soon.

Theme: Cold War Era, deciding whether continued efforts for peace are worthwhile or if war must be declared.

To the Rules!

There will be 10 Peaceniks dedicated to preserving peace in the world

There will be 4 Belligerents dedicated to getting the war party started

Character assignment will be random between the factions. You will not be able determine alignment by character name. Peacenik Rambo and Belligerent Gandhi are definitely possible.

Each day, in addition to a lynch vote, there is a Peace vs War vote. While Peace wins, the conference continues until the last of the Belligerents have been located and turned in to conference security. When War wins, the Belligerents win. So the mafia doesn't win by pure numbers, they win with the vote. Obviously if they have the numerical advantage, that equals a win for the Belligerents just like it would in a regular game. However, this opens the possibility of the mafia winning with a numerical minority as well.

Those who vote in the minority on the Peace/War vote in a given day receive power roles. There will be a pool of roles that are randomly assigned to those who voted for War. The Belligerents and the Peaceniks both receive roles from the same pool. There will be no preassigned roles. All power roles will result from the Peace/War vote.

Voting for Peace vs. War is required. If you do not vote, your vote will be randomly assigned.

Shamelessly stolen generic rules section
Phases, Lynches, and Night Kills

Day & Lynch
* Days will be 72 hours.
* A day ends when I post stop, not at the exact 72 hour mark.
* Mafia have no special communication abilities during the day
* Lynch is by plurality.
* Tie breakers goes to the first person to reach the lynch total.
* Vote for Lynch is Big and red.
* Vote for War/Peace in Big and blue
* No Lynch is a valid vote.

Night & Night Kill
* Night will last 48 hours or less (speed deadlines in effect).
* The mafia may talk freely during the night phase.
* The night kill must be used
* Other power roles may choose whether to use their night ability or not
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Re: Fate of the World Mafia

Postby Firestorm94 » 23 Feb 2013, 02:20

This is a really interesting setup. The mechanical discussion should be pretty interesting. :D
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