ABC Techmo Corp...A Mafia Game Idea

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ABC Techmo Corp...A Mafia Game Idea

Postby presser84 » 17 Feb 2013, 18:52

So I've been thinking about this for a little bit and I was hoping maybe an experienced GM might take this idea and run with/work with me to develop the idea.

ABC Techmo Corp has been struggling for years. Each Quarter, Sales are Down. Moral is low. The Company's Board of Directors has decided to replace the entire Executive Management Team. The company's workers, the Grizzled Veterans would like to see the Board promote from within. The way they see it, they know the company and know how to turn it around. At the same time there is a team of Outside Consultants who are also trying to get hired into the positions. They are sponsored by an activist Investor of ABC Techmo Corp who secretly actually wants to liquidate the company and fire all the workers, Netting them a very nice bonus. There also exists some potential for a third party...but I'd discuss that with a potential GM.

ABC Techmo Corp is so large, disjointed, and poorly managed that many of the Grizzled Veterans have never met or even spoken with one another. Things are so dire that the Board has decided to use a never before used strategy. They have assembled a group of candidates in the board room and will use a "survival of the fittest" strategy to determine who to hire. Each day the candidates in the room will vote on who they think is the least qualified to be an executive manager. That person would be asked to "pursue other opportunities" by the board. Each night the Outside Consultants can try to edit a Grizzled Vets personnel file and make them appear unsuitable for executive management. They would too then be asked to "pursue other opportunities" by the board.

The GVs want to find and remove the OCs from the room. The OCs are trying to integrate themselves as one of the Veterans so that they can get the jobs.

I don't want to go into much flavor just lay out the rough idea here. I'd discuss that with a GM or someone who wants to be involved in helping me develop the game.


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