July 20th Mafia

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July 20th Mafia

Postby LeroyJenkins » 05 Feb 2013, 01:37

Preliminarily, I would like to thank Bazza for his work in helping this come to fruition.

This is the complete ruleset for July 20th Mafia, based on the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler. I've been polishing this for about a year now and I'm almost done, but would appreciate a final check-over before I launch it into queue. I still need to edit the rule set a tad, too.

Germany, 1944. The Nazi control over Europe is dwindling. With the Afrika Korps smashed in North Africa, the Americans launching a second front and the Russians storming out of the East, the days of the Reich are numbered. Hitler’s enemies, traitors in the homeland, are becoming bolder by the day. For many of you, the meeting of the General Staff, Gestapo, and that Hitler has called to his headquarters in Rastenburg is an opportunity to weed out the scum among you and prove your loyalty to Hitler, fulfilling your oaths taken years ago.

But for others, it is a different sort of opportunity. This is an opportunity to show the approaching Allies that not all in Germany share Hitler’s collapsing vision of domination. You have been plotting for years to cut off the head of the Reich, and now you are closer than ever to doing just that. Success here will mean that the fate of Germany is unequivocally changed, and the stain of the Nazis will be cleansed from history.

Overview: There is a strategy meeting for all major members of the Nazi party plus men of the Gestapo and lower and higher ranking officers of the Wehrmacht. Traitors to Hitler have infiltrated this meeting, and it is the job of the nine (9) Loyalists to weed them out from their ranks. It is the job of the three (3) Conspirators to ensure that the coup succeeds and that Hitler’s tyranny is erased. There will also be one (1) Third party whose conflicting loyalties make them both disloyal to the Nazis but not truly a conspirator.

Victory Conditions:
The loyalists’ victory condition is to eliminate all conspirators.
The Conspirators’ victory condition is to make their numbers equal to or greater than the number of the number of loyalists.
The third party’s victory conditions will not be released.

Votes should be in this format for easy tabulation, please.


Day phases will last for 72 hours with extensions if requested/necessary.
Night phases will last for 24 hours, again with extensions if deemed necessary.
Night 0 will be actionless, save the conspirators speaking to each other.

Posting: Please try to be as active as possible. I understand if you’re busy in real life, but try to continue to read at least whenever you can. If you need to be replaced by a reserve, just ask. I will nudge you if you have not posted within 24 hours of your last post, please respond with an explanation. I will post vote counts around every 24 hours. Keep in mind I’m on EST, so if you’re across the pond, I'll try my best to keep up with the schedules of all nationalities.

Here are some more basic rules:
1. Most important. Play well with others. This entails playing to your win condition, as well as not being, well, a jackass. Be passionate, get intense, but remain civil. Personal attacks, unlike in elections, will not be tolerated.
2. Do not PM other players about the game, please.
3. Ties will result in a no lynch, excepting special circumstances.
4. Do not fake-claim day abilities.
5. No posts after death. No exceptions.
6. Again- I’m on EST. The deadlines will be in GMT. Please, don’t post after deadlines. I will not count votes posted after the deadline.
7. Role assignments will be chosen randomly.
8. PUT NO STOCK IN COVER NAMES. EVER. SERIOUSLY. This screwed town over in Matrix, and as part of that town I learned that lesson pretty harshly. Cover names are provided for conspirators that, in some cases, are more legitimate then the names given to townies.

Breaking these rules without sufficient explanation will result in immediate flaming/modkilling/replacement.

GM note: Since this game is based on historical events, point out ANY inaccuracies and I will correct them. I’m not perfect here.

If you would like to sign up (this will be going into queue soon unless there are some serious issues with the game), PM me and I'll put you on the list for interested.
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