Lovers mafia

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Lovers mafia

Postby Kithchener » 10 Dec 2012, 18:51

I have the idea done, just not sure about balance. It's going to be something like 10/3, 11/3, 12/2 depending on what the experts say.


It is Valentines day (or at least it hopefully will be by the time this game escapes the perils of the queue) and love isn't in the air.

This is just tacky bull****

My friend just broke up with me

It's making the co-orporations more and more money

Oh dear, this shan't do. Without the love on Valentines day, there is no way we will make money :o

So Hallmark have decided to send out a team of cupids with the aim of getting happy couples together, and of course, buying their over-priced chocolates and Valentines day cards. ;)


And so, on February the 14th 2013, dozens of happy couples were made. But it turns out that too much magic was used :o . Soon, stuff like this happens ... Dxw#t=157s

And people are angry at the Cupids. They must be stopped

The rules of the game are simple

1. 9/10/11/12 Lovers must kill 2/3 meancing cupids .

2. 2/3 Menacing cupids must have equal voting power as the lovers in order to win the game

3. At night, each of the cupids gets to pair up 2 people, and they will become lovers. If one of them dies, the other won is overcome with depression and commits suicide. :( . This is happens at the end of a day. Note: It is impossible for one person to have more than 2 lovers- sorry pezgod

Standard day lynch votes apply

A few questions I need to ask before I put this into pending.

1. Bearing in mind I want to keep the game in the Standard queue, what proportions of Lovers/ Cupids should be there
2. Should the Cupids get a night kill as well as the pairing.
3. Have I left anything out

Oh, and if you are effected by issues raised in this game, please phone a helpline. It's never the answer etc etc.
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