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Mega Man Mafia

PostPosted: 22 Jul 2012, 03:21
by connect4

Mega Man Mafia

It was a time of peace. Dr. Wily was once again behind bars, and all was well in the world. Dr. Light had several of Wily’s old robot masters at work, helping to reconstruct the damage from Wily’s last attack. Mega Man and Proto Man went with Roll to another city to get some parts, when it happened. As two of the robot masters were cleaning Dr. Wily’s lab, they discovered a new weapon that Dr. Wily had been building: the Wily Crusher. Upon touching it, Dr. Wily’s programming within them was reactivated, and they started to work towards saving Dr. Wily. Can the loyal robot masters root out Dr. Wily’s masters, or will those rogue masters successfully help Dr. Wily to escape?

Players: 9, with a couple of reserves preferred if possible.
Characters: They will all come from the Mega Man universe (and for that matter, all “bad guys”).
GMs: connect4 is the GM of the game. Any posts made by AnonymousMafia should also be considered to come straight from the GM's keyboard, as well.

7 robot masters loyal to Dr. Light, 2 loyal to Dr. Wily. Dr. Light’s robot masters win when Dr. Wily’s robot masters are all killed. Dr. Wily’s robot masters win when it is impossible for Dr. Light’s robots to win.

  • Each player begins the game with 12 HP, and the weapon specific to their robot master.
  • During the day, each player may fire each weapon they possess once, targeting another player in the game. That player will take damage, based on how effective that weapon is against their robot master. Similar to the Mega Man games, certain weapons will be more/less effective than others against certain people. A player may use multiple weapons during their turn.
  • If a player is lynched at the end of the day, then the last player to cast a vote for the lynched player will inherit all weapons from the lynched player. For this purpose, I will not count any repeat votes (aka, if I am voting for bkbkbk, and I vote again for bkbkbk, this doesn’t count. If I change my vote and change it back, then that counts).
  • During the night, one of Dr. Wily’s robot masters will fire the Wily Crusher, which will cause damage to one player in the game.
    If at any time a player’s shot kills another player, all of the deceased’s weapons will be given to the killer.
  • Characters may or may not have additional powers not specified in the rules.

  • Mafia may communicate at any time via PM (day or night). No other players may communicate by PM.
  • Any PMs sent must be copied to the GM.
  • NO posting, forwarding, or faking GameMaster PMs, or anything PMs. This includes, but is not limited to, role descriptions and night action results. Paraphrasing is OK.
  • Don't edit your posts.
  • Any of these infractions may lead to modkilling or forced replacement, at GM's discretion.
  • This is not a complete list. I hold the right to enact any punishment I see fit against actions obviously against the spirit of the game.
    If someone intentionally gets themselves modkilled for some sort of strategic benefit, I will take whatever steps I see as necessary so that their misdeed does not benefit their team.
  • Voting for lynches will occur in thread. Votes must be in red (#FF0000 ONLY) and at least large size (>=150). Long story short: if Vote Tabulator doesn’t pick it up, I will probably miss it.
  • You may not vote for no lynch, unvote, or abstain during the day.
  • If there’s a tie, the player who got to the total first will be lynched.
  • All weapon usage (day or the Wily Crusher at night) will be ordered through an interface provided by the GM. This interface will allow for instant* resolution of the shot, and will also show you your current HP and identity and weapons. You will be told how much damage you do to the target, but you will not be told the target’s identity. The thread will be told that a shot was fired, but will not be told the identity of the shooter or of the target. Exception: when a target dies, this will instantly* be announced in thread. Screenshot (or link to example interface) forthcoming.
Days will last 72 hours, and nights will last 24 hours (with speed deadlines). Speed deadlines during the day will only work if all players agree to end the day (as weaponry could come into play).


  • Knowledge of the source material is not necessary to play.
  • Loyalties will be randomly assigned.
  • The damage that weapons do will not be randomly assigned.
  • Each weapon will deal extra damage to at least one robot master.

*Instant will most of the time be within a few seconds. In rare cases, the post to the thread may be delayed until the GM is available if a glitch causes the automated post to fail. However, either way, the resolution of the damage will be "instant".

Please post or PM if interested, and I will make sure you are aware when signups are open. This will go into the queue in the next 24 hours, when I assign the bosses that will be in the game.