Alien V Predator Mafia idea

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Alien V Predator Mafia idea

Postby vindictus » 16 Jun 2012, 04:56

Alien mafia format has worked very well. I thought of a bigger game where many of the DRAW conditions are held by a SK style player.

Setup 13 players
3 "Company"
9 "Colonial Marines"
1 "Predator"

Company selects 1 player to be 'the host'. Predator is chosen after the host is chosen to prevent setup conflict.

Vanilla mafia except predator.

Predator Role:
Hunt - Each night Predator chooses 1 target. If that target is the Host, Predator will be told. If the target is the Mafia *who is making the kill*, Predator kills mafia after mafia kills town to 'take a trophy'.
Unkillable - Predator is bulletproof (can't be killed by single human). Mafia is not told why kill failed.
Threatening - If target of predator is chosen for the kill, kill does not happen. Mafia is not told why kill failed.

Victory Conditions:
Mafia win if their number >= Colonial Marines and Host survives
Town win if Maifa are all killed and Host is dead
Predator wins if Mafia are all dead and Host is alive (make new hunting planet victory)
Predator wins if host is dead and Mafia >= Colonial Marines (predator gets to 'hunt' worthy prey)
All other conditions are a draw for Mafia and Colonial Marines, loss for Predator.

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