Dungeons & Dragons Mafia (1st edition) idea

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Re: Dungeons & Dragons Mafia (1st edition) idea

Postby vindictus » 21 Jun 2012, 17:36

Hey Peanut,

Your welcome to run with the idea, Rolan had some pretty awesome google maps stuff he did. Right now anything I GM has to be simpler (my work is draining my brain lately!) and the items/maps thing requires a lot of work.
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Re: Dungeons & Dragons Mafia (1st edition) idea

Postby Rolan A Doobie » 21 Jun 2012, 18:32

I actually did it with just excel. Made the columns/rows look like an old piece of graph paper and found some tiny little images to drop in.

And it's easy to black out what you don't want people to see just yet. (I don't remember if we were going to give some people a map, or if paths were only "lit" for a certain distance without further exploration or what".) But yeah, the idea would be to vote for a lynch, as well as voting for a general direction, north/south/east/west.

Also, there was an idea tossed around about voting to see who opened the various treasure chests/bags laying around....because they could have a trap in them. Obviously, whoever opens the treasure would get first choice of the spoils, assuming he survived.

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