Fall 01 Results

9-player variant by Christopher Carde, introduced and GMd by drrnwrstlr. Standard rules. Game ended with no result

Fall 01 Results

Postby drrnwrstlr » 01 May 2012, 14:53

Sorry this took so long, but I had a busy weekend.

greatlakesFall01.jpg (356.44 KiB) Viewed 818 times

Erie- Alm

Algonquin(Elric Hazard)
Pet S Mwn
Mwn S Pet
Klo – Mln (bounced by Nch move Mln)

lenawee to shiawasse
(Alm Hold dislodged by App move Alm)

Sarnia SUPPORT App to Alm
App MOVE Alm
Eth MOVE Cal

oneida to massena
tuscarora to oneida
cussewago support seneca to hold

F NLM --> Oco
A Keg --> PecA
Kew support A Keg --> Pec

A Wat S Sel-Nan
A Sel-Nan
F CLO-Crowe(bounced by Lyn move Crowe)

A Nem - LCr
A EGa - Wey
F WLS – Chq

sag hold
nch -> mln(bounced by Klo move Mln)
clm -> sac

Lyn -> Crowe(bounced by Clo move Crowe)
Madawaska support Perth to Hold
Perth support Madawaska to Hold

We do have a retreat by Erie. The retreat order is due May 2nd at 9am EST.
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Re: Fall 01 Results

Postby KnowForever » 01 May 2012, 23:15

retreat to essex
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