Italy vs The World

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Italy vs The World

Postby Nafmorred » 12 Jun 2017, 20:18

The other day my friends and I decided we would love to play a game with the simple tactical system of Diplomacy, but we were reeling from our last Dip game and not in the mood for any intense subterfuge. I suggested as a joke a rules change that we ended up playing through and having a good laugh: make Italy stupidly powerful, and see if the other 6 players could jointly rein them in. Here's the rules we played by, plus some additions we didn't consider but which make it a little more... Diplomacy-y. ;)

A1. Standard map, standard rules apply except as below.

I1. Each Italian unit has a strength of 3. It moves with strength equivalent to 3 regular units. This means:
  1. An Italian unit dislodges a single regular unit without support if the Italian unit moves to that territory.
  2. An Italian unit stands off against a regular unit supported by two other regular units.
  3. An Italian unit is dislodged if attacked by a regular unit with the support of at least 3 other regular units.
I2. An Italian unit can also provide support as powerful as 3 regular units' support.
I3. A move to a province occupied by an Italian unit giving support cuts 1 unit worth of that support. This means:
  1. If an Italian unit A supports another Italian unit B to hold, B holds with a strength of 6. (It requires an attack supported by 6 other units to be dislodged,
    impossible on the regular board)
  2. If a regular unit moves into the province of A, B holds with a strength of 5. If three regular units move into the province of A,
    all support is cut and B holds with a strength of 3 as usual.
I4. Italy may build in any centre they own.* Regular nations are restricted to home centres.

V1. If at the end of a winter phase any regular player has lost all their home centres to Italy, they are eliminated from the game and their remaining units hold in civil disorder.
  1. If a Player A owns none of their home centres but at least one of that Player A's home centres is owned by another regular power B, the Player A is still in the game.
V2. If two regular powers are eliminated from the game as per V1, the game ends and Italy is the winner.
V3. If at the end of a winter phase Italy has no remaining control points, the game ends and a tie is automatically declared between all surviving players.
V4. If at any time all Italian units are eliminated, the game ends and a tie is automatically declared between all surviving players.

Z1. Standard solo-victory conditions apply to non-Italian powers. A non-Italian power wins the game if they control 18 centres at the end of a winter turn.
Z2. The identity of the Italian player is secret. Regular powers may not communicate with the Italian player, only with each other.
Z3. A draw involving any of the players may be proposed at any time, as per regular rules. Voting on such draws is anonymous.

*Rule I4 was agreed on at the start but never came up in our game. No idea if it's "balanced" but then again all "balance" is kind of out the window here. :P
**These rules were never play-tested but they might be a fun way to add extra tension!

What do you guys think? Was this too wild? I'm not an approved GM (yet!) but I'd love to host this on the forum sometime in the future if people want to play something halfway between Diplomacy and Pandemic. When my group played, we managed to push Italy back and claim the 6-way victory, but it was hard fought and we were deliberately playing without considering turning on each other (Rule Z1 wasn't considered). I think the 2-elimination victory condition (V2) might be too late anyway, and if Italy ever got 6-7 centres they would become unstoppable. But who knows, I only played once.
We thought Italy would demolish Austria but they swung hard at France, the real danger zones were Spain/Marseilles/Greece where our shortage of fleets was daunting. What would you do if you played Italy in this weird variant? Do you know of any similar variants? I would love to play another Dip variant that captures this all-for-one, stop the apocalypse feel.
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Re: Italy vs The World

Postby Custer » 12 Jun 2017, 23:13

Wow, all I can say is I got as far as I1a......LoL

Good luck with that.

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Re: Italy vs The World

Postby Big Gun » 12 Jun 2017, 23:58

Our comrade "I Love Italy" would love this... :mrgreen:
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Re: Italy vs The World

Postby RedSun » 13 Jun 2017, 04:04

If you do get approved I would love to play this variant. It seems really interesting! I would like to play as Italy but any role still would be interesting to play as. I probably would change the regular ending for the other six powers and instead make it a joint effort if Italy is as overpowered as you make it seem. This would lead to less infighting and if trust in the other nations to bring down Italy is a variable you'd like then keep it. It'd also be interesting if Italy could make an ally of the players and if any other the players would betray the rest thinking (foolishly) they could deal with Italy later as in a normal. All in all this seems like a very interesting and fun variant and count me in if you host it!
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Re: Italy vs The World

Postby MichaelG » 13 Jun 2017, 10:33

Sounds stupid. Sounds fun. :D
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