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Barbaria: Spring 523

PostPosted: 13 Jun 2012, 18:10
by BigBert
Despite a significant delay, two NMRs: from the Franks and the Visigoths. Constantinople is now occupied by an Avarian army: if the Byzantines don't reclaim it this Fall the consequences will be dire (see rule 5).

One retreat, for the Franks from the lowlands. The deadline for this retreat is:
Thursday 14 June, 17.00 GMT

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Anglo-Saxons (haroonriaz):
F (Pryden) s F (North Sea) - Channel (resolved)
F (Baltic Sea) - Jutland (resolved)
F (Anglia) - North Sea (resolved)
DF (Estonia) - Baltic Sea (resolved)
F (Pomerania) s A (Saxony) H (resolved)
F (North Sea) - Channel (resolved)
A (Saxony) s A (Jutland) - Lowlands (resolved)
A (Jutland) - Lowlands (resolved)

Franks (Heritikyl):
No Orders Received
F Lowlands dislodged by A Jutland

Visigoths (theangrycastle):
No Orders Received

Vandals (freddafred):
Df west med-SAO (resolved)
Ticmerron support Mautrenia to hold (resolved)
Sicily-Ionian (resolved)
No Orders Received for A Mauretania, A Carthage, A Sardinia, F Rome

Ostrogoths (Aerdirnaithon):
A Salzburg - Verona (resolved)

Lombards (joebishop):
West Slavia hold (resolved)
Oder support Danubia (resolved)
Danubia support Sirminium (resolved)
Sirminuim support Danubia (resolved)
Lombardy support Oder (resolved)

Avars (Nobody44):
West Av MOVE Gopid Ter (resolved)
Avaria MOVE West Av (resolved)
East Av MOVE Pontus (resolved)
Adrianople MOVE Constantinople (resolved 2-1)

Byzantine Empire (pharaoh of nerds):
Constantinople to Novae (resolved)
Antioch to Constantinople (Attack broken by DA Adrianople 1-2)
Sassanid Empire to East Avaria (resolved)
Crimea to Sklavinia (resolved)
Alexandria to Southern Med (resolved)
Libya hold (resolved)

Re: Barbaria: Spring 523

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2012, 13:32
by heritikyl
F Lowlands - Bight