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Barbaria: Winter 522

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2012, 17:46
by BigBert
Here are the builds and disbands. We enter Spring 523, for which your deadline is:

Monday 11 June, 17.00 GMT

BarbariaWinter522.jpg (440.23 KiB) Viewed 947 times

Anglo-Saxons (haroonriaz):
Build Fleet Anglia

Franks (Heritikyl):
Build SF Paris

Visigoths (theangrycastle):
Fleet Valencia.

Vandals (freddafred):
Army Ticommerocn
Army Carthage

Ostrogoths (Aerdirnaithon, submitted by SidneyKidney):
disband F Aegean Sea and disband DA Tuscany

Lombards (joebishop):
No Order Received, one build waived

Avars (Nobody44):
West Av. BUILD Army

Byzantine Empire (pharaoh of nerds):
1F Alexandria
1A Antioch
Disband 2F Illyria

Re: Barbaria: Winter 522

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2012, 18:46
by diplomat42
Wow..."Build F Paris"

(Sorry to butt in, just saw this and thought it was Crawesome)