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MEBR Spring 3002 Results (FINALLY!)

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2012, 15:38
by bluestreaksoccer
After a loooong delay, the Spring 3002 Orders are finally up.
First dipNEV and now cs have NMR'd as Gondor (I dont think gondor had much of a chance anyway).
Part of the delay was that I forgot to save some key stuff and my brother closed the application out. :cry:
Anyway, Fall orders due 6/9/12
I foresee no future delays as school is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ;)

Isengard (Ecliptor):
Endewraith Move Rivendell
Fangorn Move The Wold
Isengard Move Entwood
Dol Buryn Move Entwash
Fords of Isen HOLD
Dwimoberg Move Miles
Agrilord Support Dwimoberg to Miles

Mordor (Freddafred):
All hold!

Rohan (drrnwrstlr):
Dunharrow move N. Gondor
Edoras move Eastfold
Folde move Flatlands
Snowbourne move Eastmemnet
Wellinghall support Snowbourne move Eastemnet
Helms Hold
Westfold Hold

Elves (attitudes):
The Wold -> Lorien
Derndingle -> The Wold
S Undeep s Sam Gebir
Sam Gebir s Derndingle -> The Wold

Gondor (cs):
NMR even after i sent him a link. I hope he can keep playing, but if not.... :(