Spring 3000 Results!

5-player variant designed and GMd by bluestreaksoccer. Game began April 2012. Ended early with no result

Spring 3000 Results!

Postby bluestreaksoccer » 14 Apr 2012, 22:03

No retreats this turn, so we will move to Fall 3000 Orders.
Fall Orders Due on 4-18-12 (Next Wed) at about 4 PM EST.


Dead marshes to undeep
Firemen woods to Wet Wang.
N Gondor move erech
Anorian move Mouths of Entwash
Isengard move Endewraith
Gap of Rohan move Fords of Isen
Helms move Folde
Edoras move Flatlands
Fanghorn move Derndingle
Lorien move The Wold
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