MEBR Spring 3000

5-player variant designed and GMd by bluestreaksoccer. Game began April 2012. Ended early with no result

MEBR Spring 3000

Postby bluestreaksoccer » 04 Apr 2012, 01:26

Map for Spring 3000:

Elves -- 24turner1234
Gondor -- diploNEV
Isengard -- Ecliptor
Mordor -- Freddafred
Rohan -- drrnwrstlr

The river is a border in all cases EXCEPT:

1. Firien Wood DOES NOT BORDER Eastemnet
2. Snowbourne does not border Akiburg, Aldburg, Mouths of Entwash, and Edoras

Here are some clarifications on borderings:

1. Wold borders Limlight
2, Entwood borders derndingle
3. N.Gondor Borders Dunharrow and Aldburg
4. Mouths of Entwash borders Akiburg
5. Firien Wood DOES NOT BORDER Eastemnet
6. Flatlands borders both Snowbourne and Eastfold


Orders due by April 14th at 7:24 PM EST or 12:24 A.M. GMT

The extra time is for Freddafred

If all orders recieved early i will update the map.

If you have any questions regarding borders, PLEASE PM ME. I will answer it.
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Re: MEBR Spring 3000

Postby Ecliptor » 04 Apr 2012, 01:52

Can you post the players and their colors please? I'm pretty sure I'm red, but I'm not extremely familiar with LotR geography. It'll also make it easier to... diplomize? To carry on diplomacy, if there's a word for that. :oops:
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