Middle Earth VIII Summer 3019

8-player scenario based on The Lord of the Rings, desgined by Lew Pulsipher and introduced by Presser84. GM Presser84. Winner: thewysecat (Gondor)

Re: Middle Earth VIII Summer 3019

Postby bluestreaksoccer » 30 Jul 2012, 19:46

thewysecat wrote:
bluestreaksoccer wrote:so much for my long resistance.

Not sure NMRing counts as resistance...but it is interesting that Rhovanion 2.0's first and potentially only act is to accept a draw that excludes him.

Gondor still finds this draw agreeable...

Exactly. What is the point of even subbing?
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Re: Middle Earth VIII Summer 3019

Postby presser84 » 30 Jul 2012, 23:11

bluestreaksoccer wrote:
Exactly. What is the point of even subbing?

The point of subbing is getting a player who might not have as much soccer, or whatever, on his plate that he can actually have time to play the game or can at least balance their other activities enough to submit orders on time.

This was not the first time you were late with orders. You've had 2 NMRs and several very close calls through out the game. There were other times where I waited to process the next morning or afternoon. I wanted to move this game on a regular pace so I warned everyone that I would not be doing that as often. I was very clear, even before you NMR'd a few years back to send me provisional orders or ask me for an extension if you thought you might miss orders. Never once did you do either. This time I sent you 2 reminder emails AND I waited for you. You read the reminders because they left my outbox and did not respond. Then I waited till the next day, even though I said I would no longer do that....Was going to process that morning but sent you another warning email and waited 5 more hours and didn't process until the afternoon.
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