Middle Earth VIII Summer 3016 Orders

8-player scenario based on The Lord of the Rings, desgined by Lew Pulsipher and introduced by Presser84. GM Presser84. Winner: thewysecat (Gondor)

Middle Earth VIII Summer 3016 Orders

Postby presser84 » 14 Jul 2012, 23:43

Larger Zoomable Map http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/4739 ... edited.jpg

Angmar (GhostEcho)
A Eastern Waste S North Rhun H
A Gundabad -> Bree
A North Rhun H
A Rivendell S A Gundabad -> Bree
A Withered Heath -> Gundabad
F Northern Sea -> Lune

Arnor (jkid)
A Lefnui move Helm's Deep (bounced)
A Dunland move Isengard (bounced 1v3)
A Isen support A Dunland to Isengard (cut by F Western Sea to Isen)
F Grey Havens hold.

Rhovanion (bluestreaksoccer)
South Mirkwood --> Wilderness (bounced 2v2)
River Running Support S. Mirkwood --> Wilderness
W. Mirkwood --> Gladden (bounced 1v2)
Mirkwood support W. Mirkwood --> Gladden (cut and dislodged by destroyed by Celebrant-Mirkwood 1v2)
N.Mirkwood --> Erebor (bounced Iron Hills --> Erebor)
Iron Hills --> Erebor (bounced N.Mirkwood --> Erebor)

Rohan (diplomat42)
Hoarwell-The Shire
Helm's Deep S Isengard H
Edoras S Isengard H
Isengard S Helm's Deep H
Dol Guldur S Celebrant-Mirkwood
Gladden S Celebrant-Mirkwood (cut by W. Mirkwood --> Gladden)
Lorien S Gladden H

Gondor (thewysecat)
A East Rhun to North Rhun (bounced 2v2)
A East Mordor to Lithlad
A West Rhun S A East Rhun to North Rhun
A Wilderness S A East Rhun to North Rhun (cut by South Mirkwood --> Wilderness)
A Brown Lands S A Wilderness to hold
A Anorien S A Helm's Deep to hold
A Emnet S A Anorien to hold
A Belfalas to Anfalas
F Bay of Belfalas S A Belfalas to Anfalas
F Western Sea to Isen

Retreat needed from Rohvanion

Gondor +1
Angmar +1
Arnor -2

Retreats are due Monday July 16th, 12:00am EDT, 4:00am GMT

Builds/Conversions are due Tuesday July 17th, 12:00am EDT, 4:00am GMT
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Re: Middle Earth VIII Summer 3016 Orders

Postby bluestreaksoccer » 15 Jul 2012, 03:38

retreat to esgaroth
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