Spring of 1907

28-players, four per country, with an anonymous rotation for who controls the country, played on the standard map. Created by Dunkelseele. GM: Dunkelseele. Game ended with no resolution.

Spring of 1907

Postby Dunkelseele » 06 Jun 2009, 19:34

Ok, after our builds, we are ready for a new year!

Spring 1907.png
Spring 1907.png (37.3 KiB) Viewed 667 times

Italy > A(Ven)
Germany > -A(Hol)

Player Group 1 Spring of 1907 Deadline: Monday at 10pm PDT (Tuesday at 1am EDT, 6am BST)

Player Group 2 either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Player Group 3 Thursday.

Player Group 4 Friday.
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