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Spring 654

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2012, 11:59
by Pedros
A very eventful turn. Ireland, Anglia and Northumbria are all hanging on by a thread, and Cornubia's future is in the balance. Meanwhile, the big three continue to make steady progress, but there is a big fight brewing between them in the north of England. Or is there?!

Northumbria loses its Lancaster army, destroyed, but no other retreats. So Fall orders 654 are due by 1000 GMT (0500 EST, 1800 Beijing) on Saturday 11 February

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Anglia (Dar Krum)
Fleet SoD TO Dover : Resolved

Cornubia (Kian)
Leinster move Dublin : Resolved
Portsmouth move Southampton : Resolved
Somerset move Bristol : Bounced
Exeter move Plymouth : Resolved

Ireland (diplomat42)
Morecambe Bay-Solway Firth : Resolved
Hebridean Sea-North Channel : Bounced 1-1

Mercia (Giriom)
Army Lincoln moves the Wold : Resolved
Army Nottingham moves Lincoln : Resolved
Army Oxford moves Cotswold : Resolved
Army Northampton moves Oxford : Resolved
Army London moves Sussex : Resolved
Army Cambridge moves London : Resolved
Fleet king's Lynn moves the Wash : Resolved
Fleet Gloucester moves Severn : Resolved
Fleet Ipswich moves North Sea South : Bounced 1-1
Fleet Bristol supports Army Oxford moves Cotswold : Cut from Somerset

Northumbria (jkid)
A Lan move Yor : Dislodged 1-3 : Destroyed
F Fla moveNthSeaSth : Bounced 1-1

F Hebrides - North Atlantic Ocean : Resolved
F Donegal - Connaught : Resolved
F Glasgow - North Channel : Bounced 1-1
F Belfast S F Leinster - Dublin : Resolved
A Dumfries - Cumbria : Resolved
A Edinburgh - Northumberland : Resolved
F Aberdeen - Norwegian Sea : Resolved
A North Pennines - Lancaster : Resolved 3-1
A York S A North Pennines - Lancaster : Resolved

A Cardiff - Cornwall : Resolved
A Exmoor - Exeter : Resolved
A Liverpool support N. Pennies - Lancaster : Resolved
A S. Pennies support Lincoln - The Wold : Resolved

F Colwyn Bay support Liverpool hold : Resolved
F Cardigan Bay support Cork- Leinster : Resolved
F Cork - Leinster : Resolved
F Scilles - Celtic Sea : Resolved
F Bristol Channel convoy Cardiff-Cornwall : Resolved