Played as part of the first TeamTournament. GM Pedros; winners Italy (Peanut) and Austria (WarSmith). Game started January 2012

Re: AARs

Postby cheesers52 » 25 Mar 2012, 20:41

sjg11 wrote:
cheesers52 wrote:Russia: I don't think you ever sent me a message throughout the entire game... and I'm not sure what you're username is. It's a shame - we might have been able to stop Austria!

Russia: Why did you decide to move into Scandinavia instead of protecting St Petersburg?

I did send you a message about an Anti-Austrian Alliance between you, me, Germany and England. I had no reply.

St.Petersburg was lost so my best hope of clinging onto life was to move into Scandinavia,

That was during the last year, I meant before that. But I guess it's my fault too, I never bothered to send you a message! Also, the reason I didn't reply was because without Italy I thought it was a lost cause.
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Re: AARs

Postby Pedros » 26 Mar 2012, 13:16

If you're playing with sensible players no cause is ever lost! Diplomacy, Diplomacy, Diplomacy.

He who talks wins (well, mostly :D )
"Sooner or later, one of us will stab the other. But for now we're both better off as allies" (kininvie)
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Re: AARs

Postby WarSmith » 06 Apr 2012, 14:03

Seems I'm a bit late to this AAR party! Makes great reading.
It was a great game, and as others have pointed out, it had some time to run...
I know many will say that I could have played on for a solo, but it felt a decent time to end the game given the lack of impact on the overall tournament. Besides which, I hadn't quite crippled the east as much as I'd have needed to to have pulled a solo. With no fleets it would have been tough - possible for sure, but I hadn't quite turned my mind to the end-game tactics, so can't say for sure.
A game of many parts - I made it my strategy (and freely told people) to grow slowly and steadily - Austria is actually quite advantaged in 1900, and I spoke to a friend before playing who had won with Austria before, and the strategy of 'start small then erupt with a couple of stabs' was put into place. The key being that if Austria does it well in 1905-07 timeframe, he can achieve a solo very easily...
However, the best laid plans often go to waste in the face of a good alliance. I was very happy working with Peanut, and had sensed from the start that this would be an easy alliance to keep going - we were open with each other and built upon each others ideas in very constructive ways. It was a pleasure to draw with Italy in the end (of course - I'll admit freely to the fact that England c/should have been in on the draw too given the state of the game, but good for him on signing-off anyway).
So, after a slow start in which I tried to play off russia and turkey against each other, I looked at growth opportunities. A short, early stab on Turkey helped qwell his growth to something that would mean no threat in the long term, and a move northwards at the same time started to make sense.
There was a spot in the early years where I became very overstretched, and was worried that with forces at the peripheries, I would come apart quite quickly if stabbed... however, no threat materialised and I was able to plan the next stab. Sorry Turkey - you were very honest in the three-way alliance with Italy and I, but regardless of how good you were as an ally - I'd been plotting the second stab for a very long time, and a lot of my comms were intentional to set the second one up. In other circumstances I'd have loved to have worked with you more, but with a strong A/I alliance, there just wouldn't have been room for Turkey in the long run.
Russia I thought would be a good early ally, but after our coordinated stab on him (Turkey was quite easy to apologise to!), he went quiet, which was a pity - but fair enough...
Germany took a hard hit, and all I can say is that the comms were a bit confused, I just couldnt get a grip on your objectives or other alliances - with potential for you to be too easily swayed by the other northern powers, I needed to make my move north quite early. However, I shielded this intent for just long enough to cause a surprise - by using a deliberate NMR at an opportune moment.
England was a joy to talk with. Pushy at times, but then - I was playing ultra-cautious towards you, as you know... In the long-run, I think our chats will have led to something, because I'm certain you would have had a very strong hand in working out the winning 2 or 1... You were very right in our early comms about who you thought the end combatants would be, but I just couldn't afford to let you into the Med, sorry... There was one point when you pointed out an almost flawless stab that I could play on Italy. I can't lie - I didn't want to do it - not simply because of the good alliance with Italy, but also because if I'd raced onto such a lead at that stage - I would have faced a full-court press from all players, and wouldn't have been big enough to stop it (especially without fleets). I tallied up the potential growth I had with Italy over 3 years against the potential for quick growth on the stab (3 centers in 1 year) - and the maths actually favoured staying with the alliance (as did my gut feel) - but thanks for the regular comms anyway - made the game very fun. I totally agree that a lot of the early game was decided by our talks, I'm especially proud of the way that three strong players can influence a board in such a way.
Oh, and the Italian Piedmont double-bounce was majestic - I even laid it out on my board at home to work it out - fantastic!
Pedros - as always the best GM - kept it moving along nicely and put up with my deliberate!!! ;) NMR ;) (Team captain was warned btw).
Hopefully see you all again sometime!
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