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PostPosted: 23 Feb 2012, 05:32
by Willie900
Post your AARs here.

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PostPosted: 23 Feb 2012, 15:47
by diplomat42
This was really completely awesome.

Not just because I shared in a draw and had good relations with 2 out of the 3 others for at least part of the game, but because it is an amazing game. I'd like to take this opportunity to sign up for Baltic VI!

Moving on, about the game. Right.
I felt that Sweden was a good power. Very little army was needed as besides the far north, it's all water-bordered. The fleets necessary to win the game are an easy must.

Overall I felt that Finland would be my best ally. I had no intentions of stabbing so soon, and I figured with Poland and Russia fighting I could grab about 1/2 the board and then stab Finland for the solo or take the draw.
Unfortunately that didn't work out and by the end of 1902 I found myself in need of an alliance with Russia. Thankfully I got this, and I believe that that was the turning point. Poland went AWOL and it became a 2 v. 1 and from that point on I knew I was 2-waying with Russia as a stab would be nearly impossible with my weak army.

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PostPosted: 24 Feb 2012, 02:36
by Hakhamanish
Starting out, I thought I'd be eliminated very quickly, with Poland and Finland battering at my borders. I'd tried to gauge my alliance possibilities early, and with no common borders, Sweden was the obvious choice. But early on I was hoping for peace with the Finns, but it was not to be. The loss of St. Petersburg was going to take 5 years to reclaim, and the battle over West Dvina was a crucial part of keeping Russia alive long enough to see any chance of victory.

Luckily, my Swedish allies fared better than I in the early game. I was a little nervous with the Swedish mainland acquisitions, with their power in the islands, that the Swedes might decide that a toehold wasn't enough. Luckily the stalwart and slippery Poles kept us busy long enough to keep me from preemptively blowing a good alliance with a paranoid attack.

The capture of Warsaw in 1902 was a turning point and my subsequent support of Swedish forces along the coast got the Poles effectively out of the game fairly early on. They remained a nuissance until the bitter end, but when it was obvious that the Finns were beset by two determined and coordinated opponents, the Finnish high command wisely agreed to our proposal.

My biggest move was the spring of '05 convoy into Finland, getting through his defenses and securing an untouchable outpost in the very heart of my enemy's lands. I hoped he wouldn't see that one coming, although I had St. Petersburg pretty well tied up for the fall, but claiming both territories was sweet victory and I knew the loss was one the Finns could not recover from, especially with the ever-present Swedish naval forces defying their efforts asea.

Everyone played a good game, and I'm a bit drunk so I'll probably just leave it at that.

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PostPosted: 28 Feb 2012, 06:38
by Paulus Toronto
Hello. Not too complicated an AAR from my end. I began the game in the hopes of a top down approach. My Swedish neighbour seemed on board, so I moved quickly against Russia. Sweden gained 3 SCs in the first year, and I two. I had made the concession of ALA in the first year, in hopes to gain NBA the following year. I considered it an invaluable spot, bordering on 6 SCs, including one of my home SC. Alas, Sweden had a carefully laid out plan, which saw him in NBA. I believe Sweden negotiated in good faith and had no intention of stabbing me. He would work on poland and I on russia, however, I did not feel i could let NBA go. So I grew somewhat belligerent over the issue, and worked to, if not force myself in, then leave him out. Not a stab per se, but an aggressive enough move to bring about the end of our short-lived good relations. I knew this would lead Sweden and Russia into each other's arms, but what can you do. Pride has it's price. It was the beginning of the end, and so early on. Unfortunately, Poland was ineffective. A pain perhaps as Russia has noted, but overall we were unable to work together. And then Poland dropped out. The replacement seemed willing to work with me, but by this point, we were too far from each other to work in force, and Poland was definitely on the ropes.
It's a lovely, quick little game. I do think the sea spaces are vital, especially in the early game. I was surprised by some of Sweden's army builds. I think building another early fleet rather than an army might have changed the balance even more quickly for him. I think he could have been in good position to solo (not that I would have helped;). Russia's convoy to Saimaa was indeed brilliant. I should have spotted it, not that I think i could have done much by then. The writing on the wall was getting clearer. Poland made things "interesting", but never got the foothold he could have (I have played Poland before and did well).
I think what I like about this map, is how even things feel for all the nations. There are some subtle benefits and challenges, but overall, no one nation stands out above the others, to my mind. Would you agree?
Great game, well played, and a very well deserved win. I appplaud Hakhamanish and Diplomat42 for offering a draw and not dragging it into a solo, though I think there was still a lot of game left between the two of you. it would have been interesting to see who would come out on top, specifically to see if Russia might have gained the upper hand.

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PostPosted: 28 Feb 2012, 18:29
by diplomat42
Finally posted mine!