Spring 1846

GMd by Morg. Play test, 4-way draw between presser84 (Texas), asudevil (Mexico), haroonriaz , Great Britain), mat.gopack (Spain)

Re: Spring 1846

Postby Yhanthlei » 12 Feb 2012, 00:12

Terribly sorry about all that, my laptop had hardware issues preventing internet access, and this was only recently fixed. If I'm being replaced by a new player I completely understand, having that many NMRs isn't acceptable. Thank you very much for GMing and for the fascinating variant, Morg.
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Re: Spring 1846

Postby Morg » 12 Feb 2012, 06:28

Hej Yhanthlei,

Sorry to hear about your laptop. Unfortunately we did have to replace you due to the number of NMRs. We got the provisional orders from the new player yesterday and I posted the results today. It is good to hear that the NMRs weren't intentional though and it's good to see your back to the site again. Maybe we can get you into some other forum games here. Best of luck
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