Ringworld Variant (no signups, just ideas)

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Ringworld Variant (no signups, just ideas)

Postby Rick_Mave » 27 Jun 2009, 02:15

I was thinking a variant based off of Larry Niven's Ringworld would be pretty cool. The implications of a ringlike map would be interesting as there would be no corners. However I have not an ounce of creativity in my body and I don't know how the variant would be made interesting. The main problem I foresee is making the map interesting. If we didn't elaborate any on what Niven originally put down we'd have basically one long ring of ground with 2 oceans across from each other. Since the oceans are rather small and not connected fleets would be sort of useless. Also, the entire ring is the same width across, whether we make it 1, 3, or 5 spaces wide every line is a potential stalemate line. Particularly the area around the two oceans as there the land you can cross over would be very much decreased.

So I think to make the variant interesting we would need to spice it up with some new gameplay mechanics. I was thinking space travel would probably be a good one, being able to transport armies around an enemy stalemate line would be useful and maybe also adding in Protectors which could act like armies but have the strength of 2? Maybe also as a stalemate breaker the ability to use the solar flare ability to destroy all the armies on a given section of the ring. Perhaps also the ability to lay down or use stepping discs which transport armies around?

Anybody else have any ideas that might make such a variant viable?
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Re: Ringworld Variant (no signups, just ideas)

Postby Lord S » 29 Jun 2009, 18:46

The exploration forum game was in a ring shape. It has already had a game of it played and is considering another for the end of the summer.


There was also talk of a map set on the surface of a Torus so that if you went off the left you would come on the right, and if you went off the top you would come on the bottom.

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Re: Ringworld Variant (no signups, just ideas)

Postby The Doctor » 29 Jun 2009, 19:09

I'd consider running this map starting in August/September.
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