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Valhalla: PbF Awards 2017

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2018, 17:50
by Nanook
2017 PbF Awards Trophy.gif
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Without further ado, I bring to you, the 2017 Valhalla PbF Awards! Feel free to leave acceptance speeches in the comments, the more vain the better! And if you feel you were snubbed, we also welcome petty comments--what else are awards shows for, after all? ;)

A big thank you to everyone who participated in a PbF game this year, whether as a GM or a player, this section of the forum is a big part of the reason we're the best Diplomacy site around in my opinion, so a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to that this past year! If you want to see the full list of everyone that played in or GMed a PbF game this past year, you can find it here.

And now on to our awards!

Best Record: JonS (1 solo and 1 draw); Honorable Mention to GPD (4 draws and 0 eliminations)

Busiest Player: Don Juan of Austria (7 games played)

Busiest GM: nopunin10did (2 games played, 2 games GMed)

Most Reliable: Antigonos (his second consecutive year winning this award!)

Great Sport: I Love Italy

Best Communicator: joe92 (joe also won this award for the 2015 season)

Best Tactician: WakaKafkaFlame

Most Fun Ally/Opponent: Alman

Most Adventurous GM: Aeschines

Best Replacement Player: Walshie71

A special nod as well to nopunin10did (1812 Overture, Dissolution) and Aeschines (Spice Islands) for both introducing new and exciting variants to the forum this year. You don't get a crudely drawn goblet for it, but you do get a firm handshake, and that's nearly as good.

And that concludes our awards ceremony! Feel free to leave congratulations, praise, acceptance speeches, petty riffs on how your favorite player got snubbed for the most likely to cut your hair with a machete award, etc., etc., in the comments!

Re: Valhalla: PbF Awards 2017

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2018, 03:50
by ccloughley
Least reliable player: ccloughley

Oh wait...

Re: Valhalla: PbF Awards 2017

PostPosted: 23 Mar 2018, 10:29
by Don Juan of Austria
*slurrrps from ornate goblet*

How did I not see this until just now?!

Anyway, I claim the left side of the goblet, so when the rest of y'all get here to be vain, don't share your germs with my sipping spot.

"With Great PBF games, comes Great Responsibility to play them.......and lose most of them..."

Re: Valhalla: PbF Awards 2017

PostPosted: 23 Mar 2018, 14:52
by Don Juan of Austria
I'm the (2017) guy Asu talks about... :lol:

asudevil wrote:Yeah....most games...fewest're the fish in the barrel the rest of us shoot.

You know ... the extra to fill the game

The fluff around our rock hard strategy

The million monkeys typing on a million typewriters praying to hit the jackpot

The guy shooting an assault rifle bragging about hitting the target once