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1812 Overture: Any other GMs interested in running it?

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2018, 20:37
by NoPunIn10Did
Hello fellow PbF GMs and players!

Seeing as I'm a GM myself, I have so far run the PbF sessions of my own variants. This year, I've booked myself solid running the 2018 Tournament Through Time (, so I won't be able to GM any games outside those five.

The trouble is that I'd like to get some additional playtesting on the latest version of 1812 Overture, my six-player variant. We're only going to have one round of it in the tournament, and it's likely to be influenced by the meta-gaming concerns of the tournament itself.

Are there any fellow PbF GMs that might be available and interested in running a session of 1812 Overture (particularly for forumgoers not already involved in the tournament)?

Compared to some of the games I run, 1812 Overture is not really all that complicated, particularly if you've played the Versailles variant on PlayDiplomacy.

I'm happy to provide data files for maintaining the maps. If you prefer, I can also try and make low-resolution versions of them that are easier to host directly on the forum (rather than externally on imgur or whatnot). I'm also more than willing to help clarify rules for ambiguous scenarios if you run into them.