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Postby TreciKorpus BiH » 22 Mar 2016, 03:23

I am setting up a diplomacy game supposably taking place in 1914. I will be playing Italy and will be neutral for the first year. There are some rules:
All orders will be sent to me and the games 2nd eyes before you enter them into the game.
England and Germany will each have 10 Diplomacy points to bid on what Italt's moves are starting year 2.
England-France-Russia are one alliance.
Germany-Austria-Turkey are one alliance.
If a country wishes to turn on his teammates he will alert the enemy, and Italy that he is doing so. Italy then joins the side he is betraying and the order bidding stops.
If the player rejoins his team, Italy returns to its normal business and orders are bidded on by the countries.
Team leaders are only allowed to backstab if they leave a succesor in their will.
All backstabs are made public in the public press.
If all the players on one side agree to surrender then the other team wins.
If Italt joins a side only the 2nd pair of eyes receives orders. He may chose an assistance if he wishes.
All questions will be answered.
All countries will be bidded on using the 100 point method.
Now all I need is 6 more people and a 2nd pair of eyes.
If anyone is looking for a game with 24/24/24 orders or longer and is ranked, please PM me to join.
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Re: 1914

Postby Nanook » 22 Mar 2016, 06:43

Two big things. The lesser one, is that this should probably be a play test rather than a full game. I do like the general idea, but seems like maybe it's better suited as a trial run to work out the kinks, before turning into a full game. You would also be allowed to run that without having to get accredited, I believe.

The second, huge one. The GM in a game like this should, with almost no exceptions, NOT be playing. You need someone other than the Italy player to GM, otherwise it becomes completely unfair. Maybe that player would be completely unbiased--the point is that it's safer and better just to remove any question of fairness completely from the equation.

In theory, I like parts of the idea. I think it needs some refining, and it reminds me of the contract diplomacy idea that was tossed around a while back, and that bit about Italy playing and having GM responsibilities really needs to be fixed, but I don't mean this to come across as solely negative, there are some parts of this that can be a really intriguing variant.
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Re: 1914

Postby Alman » 22 Mar 2016, 15:56

We should also add that to GM a game here, you must first be approved as a GM. If you have not (I have no idea whether you have or not) you need to talk to Morg, who is in charge of these things.
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