Fall Variant

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Fall Variant

Postby Zanmor » 03 Apr 2009, 03:57

The idea is simple, meant to make the game more fast paced and make every move have that much more impact. I'm not saying this isn't how things already are, this change would just give each move that much more gravity. Anyway, here's the idea:

Each turn is treated as taking place in Fall.
In other words, each turn ends with a build phase.
For example, year one would take place as follows:

Spring 1901 Movement
Spring 1901 Retreats (can't happen in Spring 1901 but anyway)
Spring 1901 Build
Fall 1901 Movement
Fall 1901 Retreats (if necessary)
Fall 1901 Build

I have too much on my plate to GM something right now, but I could act as a player if turns were something like 48/24/24.
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Re: Fall Variant

Postby Zaynation » 03 Apr 2009, 04:22

It seems like this variant would be more biased toward those countries that are adjacent to a center on turn 1 (i.e everybody but Italy and England). It seems interesting, but I think that it would lose some of the riskier maneuvers of the game, which are the high point for me.

Also, technically a retreat could happen in spring 01, if Rome supported Trieste to Venice.
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Re: Fall Variant

Postby acroarcs » 03 Apr 2009, 04:50

Italy can't support a dislodgment of its own army, so that retreat can't actually happen. But I had to stop and think about it first. :D
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Re: Fall Variant

Postby Jclash4686 » 03 Apr 2009, 05:46

I would be intersted in playing count me in.
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