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New game: "Hundred" - Full and starting

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2011, 12:06
by Pedros
Dip 19M has now finished and I was looking for a small-scale game for my next GM outing while I work up my idea for a Team Tournament.

They don't come much smaller than Hundred - three players on a 17-SC map of 15th century Europe. The rules need a careful look through, but this was recommended in the What is your favourite variant topic, and hasn't been played here before. The map as presented with the rules I found difficult - a lot of the territory names are pretty well illegible - so I've completely rewritten them (it's possible I have one or two wrong - anybody with better eyesight or historical knowledge please let me know!) The flags are SCs (the repeated ones are the three countries to be played.) Let me know if you find it too confusing.

So, any takers? If you sign up, please commit yourself to sticking with it, although I'm not asking for any evidence of reliability on this one. And it will be 72-24-24 with speed, and we'll use Blind Auction Bidding for the countries.


Kian : England
Palin : Burgundy
stalin813 : France


Re: New game: "Hundred" - sign-ups

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2011, 13:19
by Kian
Looks fun Pedros,

I am interested.

Fleet Devon or Fleet English Channel variant?


Re: New game: "Hundred" - sign-ups

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2011, 14:24
by Pedros
Great Kian. I'll put you first on the list.

Since I haven't played the game before, I thought we should start with the main version - fleet Devon. The rules note doesn't say whether it's a good thing or bad that England is made a bit stronger!

Re: New game: "Hundred" - sign-ups

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2011, 22:29
by ninjaruler
I have played it before, but it was by myself controlling each of the three countries haha. I will play.

Re: New game: "Hundred" - sign-ups

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2011, 23:11
by Palin
I wanted to run this - put me in as a player, Pedros.

Re: New game: "Hundred" - sign-ups

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2011, 08:23
by stalin813
I'd be interested as long as Solo-Only is the victory condition. 3 player maps with 2 player draws seem very unfun.

Re: New game: "Hundred" - sign-ups

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2011, 10:40
by Pedros
OK - ninjaruler and Palin, you're in.

Stalin - I agree, but I didn't make it a condition at the start, and also since I haven't seen it in action before, I'm not making it a condition. But we'll all know what to think of any lily-livered rogues who go for the two-way! I'll put you as a reserve - let me know if that's right.

We'll get started in the next day or so - map's pretty well ready

Re: New game: "Hundred" - sign-ups

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2011, 19:15
by BoomstickS
Umm, if there's still place for a reserve, put me in. I think I can handle a small game. (Just came back looking at the great diplomacy games and felt that I would want to give it another try ;) )

If not, I'll just look for another game.


Re: New game: "Hundred" - sign-ups

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2011, 21:57
by Pedros
Welcome back BoomstickS - been a while.

Yes, definitely down as a reserve. But Americas has just finished, so there may be another game on the way soon - watch this space!

Re: New game: "Hundred" - Full and starting

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2011, 22:37
by Pedros
OK. The auction is about to start. If any of you aren'tfamiliar with the process, see viewtopic.php?f=148&t=20967#p287053

One special rule for this auction - You have 90 points to allocate, minimum for each country is 1, if youstate 'No Preference' you'll be counted as 30 for each. Deadline is 72 hours from now (2130 BST - 1630 EDT - on Tuesday 27th - if anybody needs a different time-zone let me know) But the auction will close as soon as I have three valid (ie using all 90 and with 1+ each) bids (provisional or not)

And remember - no discussing bids or even ideas for them; if you do, disqualified!