Fall 403

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Fall 403

Postby Morg » 10 Oct 2011, 20:32

Orders are now in and we're on the march or rowing on as the case may be. The next bit of plunder to sustain your extravagantly barbaric lifestyle is just around the corner, all you need to do is seize it from the poor saps that live there.

Fall 403 Orders will be due by Thurs Oct 13th at 1200hrs PST or 2000hrs GMT.


Spring Orders were:

Reg -> Ver (Bounced by Rav-Ver & Vin-Ver)
Ver -> Ray (Or is it Rav, I can't quite tell) (Bounced by Rav-Ver)
It is Rav, but some of those Italian places get pretty crowded, so no worries if someone gets it slightly wrong

Vin-Ver (Bounced by Rav-Ver & Reg -> Ver )

A Hai - Lan
F Byz - Gal

my order is Rav-Ver (Bounced by Reg -> Ver & Vin-Ver)
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