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Postby Jamesturner9000 » 31 Jul 2014, 16:38

There seems to be a bug in the Live Game system. When I receive the e-mail requesting that I confirm participation, it takes me to the pending games page. If you do not click on confirm right away but rather navigate away and then come back to the pending games page, then the game disappears from your list and you are considered not having confirmed and the game is sent back to the waiting list. Why give a deadline for confirmation if doing anything other than confirming it as soon as you receive the e-mail is considered a 'no-show'? More importantly, when I try to correct my error and rejoin, it won't allow you to join the same live game if this has happened to you.
It's a small point, but a frustrating one.
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Re: Bug

Postby lb1785 » 31 Jul 2014, 16:58


Are you sure you respected the deadline for confirmation? It is very short (5 min), so if you navigated away and did not come back in time it might be why it didn't work. Or more simply (and more frustrating), someone just left the game before you came back...

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Re: Bug

Postby super_dipsy » 31 Jul 2014, 17:14

I can confirm this is correct. Because confirm is so short for Live games, your deadline for confirmation must have passed before you came back the second time OR someone else dropped out. If the game had still been in confirmation, it would have still beenin your pending games list no matter how many times you left and came back.
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