World War IV: Spring 2109 Retreats

GM: BigBert. Winners: DOI (Canada), AardvarkArmy (California), asudevil (Amazon empire), Girion (Argentina), paulus (Kenya), thewysecat (Nigeria), and Chelonoidis (Song Empire)

World War IV: Spring 2109 Retreats

Postby BigBert » 03 Feb 2012, 09:26

Here are the retreats. I've added a day to the next deadline because one of the players asked for an extension. Therefore, your Fall 2109 orders are due:
Wednesday 8 February, 8.00 GMT


California (AardvarkArmy):

Amazon Empire (asudevil):
Retreat to GNO

Iran (Yhanthlei):
No Order Received, F Mecca Auto-Disbanded

Germany (Satillian):
Burgundy retreats to Ruhr

Russia (cheesers52):
Retreat to Armenia please

Central Asia (AirikrStrife):
xin - KAS

Australia (cs):
Australia retreats to TMS
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Re: World War IV: Spring 2109 Retreats

Postby DOI » 03 Feb 2012, 21:31

Thanks for the delay, everyone. I'm off to Fernie this evening. (southeast area of the territory VAN on North America's west coast) Assuming I don't manage to wrap myself around a tree, I'll see you when I'm back in EDM.
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