Fable 15: The Cabal (13/13)

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Re: Fable 15: The Cabal (13/13)

Postby kimpossible » 09 Nov 2020, 21:03

sjg11 wrote:Please note that the rules have been amended to remove the word "lynch". Please use No Kill instead of No Lynch as a voting option in this game (and I would suggest in all future Mafia games on this site).

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Re: Fable 15: The Cabal (13/13)

Postby Justinrs2 » 10 Nov 2020, 02:34

Looking forward to this. Thanks for setting this up sjg11, and good luck to everyone (except the mafia, of course)!
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Re: Fable 15: The Cabal (13/13)

Postby AKFD » 10 Nov 2020, 02:45

Sjg it would be nice if you would create a spec chat too!
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