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Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 02:40
by UFO Fever
Come one come all to this very laid back and relaxed quick game of mafia. In this game you will be playing as one of my real life pets in a quest to earn my love and affection treats. Most of you will be Very Good Pets trying to get along and share the treats with everyone. While a couple of you will be Not So Very Good Pets bent on stealing all the treats for themselves. Lets meet the cast.


Morgan - a lovable Boston terrier who just wants to lay back and relax and get belly rubs and treats. Unfortunately, he's so laid back that he's just a big ole coward with other dogs, so he will never go against them. Any vote Morgan makes against a fellow dog will be privately marked as invalid.

Baxter - a pug/poodle mix with basically the total opposite personality as Morgan, but he's just so darn cute you can't help but give him a pass. He does not get along with other animals and once per game will use his patented bite them in the hammies technique and remove another pet from the game. He acts as a one shot night vig.

Aladdin - a chonk of a black cat that between all his time spent eating, sleeping, and chasing his own tale doesn't have enough time left to have any ability to speak of.

Timon - a black cat that probably would be a chonk if Aladdin didn't insist on existing. His expertise is in self defense. He can fight back against any intruders during the night. This is a one time night kill immunity

Shadow - a gray cat with a couple white spots that is, well, kind of a nag. Once per game she is able to secretly influence the vote of another player to use how she wishes. (Note, influencing Morgan to vote for Baxter will still result in an invalid vote, cowardice trumps all!)

Savannah - a small tiger cat that due to her diminutive size is quite shy around the other pets. She's so shy, however, that the first time someone tries to remove her during the day she will not be found! This is a one time day kill immunity.

Pepper - finally we have the old man of the group that is not to be trifled with. Pepper is a gray cat that has had it up to here with everyone else's shit. During any disagreement Pepper is extremely vocal and influential to the rest of the group. In fact he is so influential that he is the tiebreaker to any decision he is a part of!

Fish - Fish is a beta fish that my stepmom decided on a whim that we apparently had to have it. It doesn’t do anything, it’s a fish. Without any dogs left alive Fish will be immediately eaten by the remaining cats. Fish will be given notice of who the dogs are at the start of the game. (Note, Fish will only receive notice that “Players X and Y are dogs.” And not “Player X is Baxter and Y is Morgan.”)


There's the list of available options. This game will have 2 Scum and 6 Town. Standard rules apply, and the game will run with 72ish hour days and 24ish hour nights. This is meant to be a quick, lighthearted game so I'm going to force day kills by town and night kills by scum. You can send me questions either by PM here or on Discord, though I much prefer Discord PMs (plus you'll get answers quicker!).

1. Nanooktheeskimo
2. Kimpossible
3. Aeschines - Killed N1
4. Justy - Killed N1
5. Sjg11 - Killed D2
6. Blackswimmer
7. Lecrae - Killed N2
8. Joehoya06

1. CommanderTomalak
2. ??

Player ISO Links:
1. search.php?f=306&t=60337&author=nanooktheeskimo
2. search.php?f=306&t=60337&author=kimpossible
3. search.php?f=306&t=60337&author=aeschines
4. search.php?f=306&t=60337&author=justy
5. search.php?f=306&t=60337&author=sjg11
6. search.php?f=306&t=60337&author=blackswimmer
7. search.php?f=306&t=60337&author=lecrae
8. search.php?f=306&t=60337&author=joehoya06

Reserve ISO Links:
1. search.php?f=306&t=60337&author=commandertomalak

GM ISO Links:

Re: Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 02:49
by UFO Fever
You wake up and gather around in a place that's new to you. In fact, the only two things that seem to be familiar are that you see UFO and that you also see that your treats have been transported to this new location too! You longer care about any mystery as to why you are here, you just want those treats now! Most of you begin sucking up to UFO to get some treats, but a couple of you secretly begin scheming of a way to get rid some of these other pets to get even more treats. An alliance is formed. Will it be stopped?

The game begins now. The day will end on Saturday, December 21 at 2:00 pm PST (5:00 pm Est and 10:00 pm GMT).

Re: Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 03:28
by Nanook

Re: Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 03:55
by kimpossible
We're at a play tonight, marking thread.

I'm town. Nobody reveal. Aeschines on principle.

Re: Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 05:18
by kimpossible
Nobody else yet? Okay.

So given that this is a game where town could, in theory, play perfectly and get fucked by mechanics because we know UFO didn't care about balance, I don't intend to try particularly hard.

Re: Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 05:20
by Aeschines
Why not reveal?

I'm excited to play! Because pets are good and cute. I'll be doing my darndest.

Re: Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 05:28
by kimpossible
Aeschines wrote:Why not reveal?

Mostly because I wanted to make sure we talk about revealing before anyone just up and does it.

My main concern is Savannah. I went back and forth in my head on this prior to the game: should Savannah reveal? My main argument for "No" is that if they are town, then I don't want scum to know who they are, because if scum knows who they are then they don't NK that person and instead leave it for us to decide whether to spend two day kills to get their flip. But if someone strongly townie who will never get day killed anyway is Savannah, well, maybe I don't care?

Either way, opening with "No reveals" gets us to discuss it first.

Re: Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 05:30
by kimpossible
Also, if Timon is town, then I'd like scum do not know who they are so that they could possibly waste a bullet there.

Re: Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 05:43
by Nanook
So this game is kind of broken depending on role distribution, wow. I guess that’s whay I get for not reading the setup before /inning

Savannah should probably reveal, nobody else tho, don’t want Timon to be public knowledge.

Re: Pet Mafia Game Thread

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 05:48
by Nanook
Wow we might actually just be fucked based on distribution. If scum is Baxter (vig, Morgan vant vote for him) and savannah (takes two tries to kill) we just lose 90% of the time lol.

So yeah I’m not gonna take this game super seriously.