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Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (GAME OVER N3)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 21:18
by Zoomzip
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GM Rulings
ZoomZip wrote:Given the number of players in the game, the tag team stipulation has been removed from the rule set.

Game Map

:arrow: Pregame
:arrow: Night Zero
:arrow: Day One: Pittsburgh, PA
:arrow: Night One

Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (PREGAME)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 22:42
by Zoomzip
Here are the totems you will come to know: The office of ZoomZip, a green tinted desk lamp barely illuminating the full room, hinting at mahogany and polished metal knickknacks. We'll come back there soon, but let's move out the door and its slightly over ostentious name plate. Down the hallway, AV cables and scaffolding in careful disarray. The backstage interview area, its nondescript cinder block wall casually soaking up light. Now to the staging area, just behind the curtain. It is known as Gorilla, named for the interviewer and booker that haunted this spot at the height of the 1980s wrestling craze, and the name has remained across promotions and years. But as you go through that curtain, you leave the past for the present both literally and figuratively. The entrance ramp stretches before you, the large screens that show the entrance videos mounted behind. Look carefully and you can see where glow tape has marked out the safe areas that won't conflict with pyrotechnic or confetti displays. The arena is empty, but you can imagine as the fans fill in, chanting names. Walk down that ramp, slightly raked and tapering, and pass the announcers' desks on your right. The mats are still taped down here as you reach the focus of much of your life: The Ring. And you step in...

ZoomZip pauses to refill the highball glass on his desk with a caramel colored liquid. He leans a thigh on the side of his desk, a forced intimacy with the figure out of focus in the foreground. "The hottest free agent, here, at my doorstep?" He chuckles. "Well, your capacity for delivering is well known. I think we could do business. And you say you can help me? Excellent." He opens a briefcase, inside currency is neatly rubber banded into small packets. He pulls one of these out, ruffles it with a thumb, then tosses it to the figure sitting in front of his desk. Even with the camera refocusing, only the back is visible.

Production trucks pull up to the arena, branded with "Sunday Stab" -- the name of the TV show that PMWL runs weekly. Before that, though, will be "Friday Night Smacktalk." A Mobile studio comes online in timelapse, the sun sets in the distance. They will work all night to be ready for the tapings that come with the dawn. Play by play man Bob Dobson rests his head against a large case containing some lights, he will steal a nap now. Color commentator "Royal" Royce Rancid puts his crown on his head, makes off color jokes with a key grip. At some level he is a lawsuit waiting to happen...

A shadowy figure meets in an empty parking lot. Two men in suits stand across from the figure, and a third emerges between them. "I want ZoomZip and the Playdip Mafia Wrestling League finished. Can you do that?"

The shadowy figure nods. "It will take me time, but I have a way in. I can destroy him, or even better, have his company destroy itself." The figure's voice is muffled and distorted, giving no hint as to identity.

The third man smiles, a shock of gold teeth. "Excellent. Now the final plan comes into play."

Dobson and Rancid sit down at the table. This is a pre-tape show, designed to whet the appetite for the TV tapings in Pittsburgh. Dobson "A new number one contender will be decided at Sunday Stab in Pittsburgh." Rancid cuts in "Forget that Bob! Telleo defends his title. It'll be amazing" Dobson smoothly finishes "So to get you ready, here is what our superstars are saying..." The start of the intro roll for Friday Night Smacktalk begins...



Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (PREGAME)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 22:43
by Zoomzip

Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (PREGAME)

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2018, 01:20
by Zoomzip



Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 0)

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2018, 22:00
by kimpossible

The announcer is riling the crowd. "It's a great lineup tonight folks, we have some really exciting matches: Telleo, that amazing Man in Black, defending his title, and - "

Suddenly the stadium goes dark, and kimbyrle's entrance music cuts in. Maya Fury, clad in black and shimmering with iridescence, appears below the video screens. She saunters out slowly, giving the crowd time to work itself up, clapping along with the bass hits. When the electric guitar comes in she breaks into a run, rolling under the ropes when she hits the bottom of the ramp. She immediately bounces to her feet and snatches the microphone from the announcer mid-sentence.

"ASUDevil!" she bellows, momentarily quieting the crowd to a hush. "Yeah, I'm talking to you, Professor. You remember me? Because I REMEMBER YOU!!!" Her face contorts into a rictus of fury. "I remember when you were nothing! A whiny!" She stomps her right foot, punctuating her words. "Pathetic!" Stomp. "Annoying!" Stomp. "Know-it-all!" Stomp. "NOTHING!"

On the final stomp, lightning flashes high in the stadium, and thunder cracks sharply then rumbles away. "Actually," she says contemplatively as it fades, lifting her chin and quirking the corner of her mouth into a mocking grin, "you're still a whiny pathetic annoying know-it-all." The crowd howls in response, taking up a cry of "BACK to AS-gaard!" that's slightly out of sync on either side of the stadium.

Maya begins shouting again. "REMEMBER ME ASUDEVIL?!? I got you into this ring. I made you. These people" - she turns slowly to cast a sneer over the fury-whipped crowd - "are your fans, but I propped you up! I made you look good when we were partners! And now you've just walked right over me on your way to the top!"

She tosses her head, and her black hair ruffles in a sudden breeze sweeping up from the floor. "Well noooow..." She draws the word out into a taunting croon. "You're going to face me. You're going to answer to me. And then eeeeeeveryone here" - she sweeps her arm across the audience - "is gonna see you for the upjumped, overwrought, i-vo-ry to-wer PHONY you are!!!!!"

The camera tightens on her face, and she stares straight down the lens, jabbing her finger at the viewers at home. "Tomorrow. You and me. This ring. You better bring a baseball cap, because I am trashing that fancy fuckin' tasseled hat."

Without bothering to look, she tosses the microphone over her shoulder at the announcer -- who fumbles it twice but just manages to catch it -- and climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. She thrusts both fists in the air and lightning flashes once more, then she leaps from the top rope straight to the floor outside the ring and runs out with both fists still held high.

Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 0)

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2018, 10:58
by JoeHoya06
Kimbyrle's music fades out. The lights in PPG Paints Arena go dark. Again. Why doesn't anyone just come out in an already-lit arena anymore?

The sound of guitars mimicking helicopters fills the arena. Well, it's about to get lit after all.

JoeHoya06's video plays on the screen. His music begins in earnest. His pyro nearly burns the arena down. Zoomzip really shouldn't have let the wrestlers do their own effects.

Joe emerges from behind the curtain and stands on the stage, arms raised in the air, wearing a midnight green #20 Brian Dawkins Philadelphia Eagles jersey. The crowd boos. For a face, this guy really likes trolling the fans at every locale.

He strolls down the ramp, soaking in both the cheers and boos, smiling all the way. He's always hated this place, anyway.

After what seems like an eternity, he arrives in the ring. Oh, great, he's got a microphone. This should be fun. Is anyone gonna, like, wrestle tonight?

Helloooooooo, Shitsburgh!


What? Was it something I said? Or is it something I'm wearing?


You know, for years, us Eagles fans have heard time and time again about how our team wasn't good enough, how our fans weren't good enough, and that we'd never win the (GENERIC NON-TRADEMARKED NAME FOR THE ANNUAL PROFESSIONAL AMERICAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME).


How the team across the state has six rings, and we haven't gotten one since 1960.

::Let's go Steel-ers! Let's go Steel-ers!::

But it's all gone. The thing that defined the franchise and all its just doesn't exist anymore. The Eagles – THE EAGLES – are (GENERIC NON-TRADEMARKED NAME FOR THE ANNUAL PROFESSIONAL AMERICAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME) CHAMPIONS!


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Would've been nice if "yinz" hadn't embarrassed yourselves at home and coulda been there with us.


The last few days got me thinking. I've spent years watching this team and never knowing what it was like to taste glory. I realized that the Eagles are the perfect metaphor for my time here in the PMWL, really.

It makes sense when you think about it. The Eagles have always been successful, but never won the title. Their fans are...passionate. Everyone loves the underdog Eagles.


Heh, well, not everyone.

I was thinking this week about how that group came together, fought through adversity, and reached the top of the mountain. I've never been to the top of the mountain. I've never even fuckin' SEEN the top of the mountain.

The crowd cheers, as they always do when someone curses on the mic. They're putty in his hands.

I've worked as hard as anyone in this organization from the day I got here. Harder, probably. And what do I have to show for it? I have a nice car. I live comfortably. I can afford actual beer instead of that Iron City shit you guys drink.

The crowd groans. They would boo, except they know IC tastes like liquid rust.

I have millions of fans living and dying with every match, wanting nothing more than to see me lift the strap just one time. One time! I do it for them. I do it for you. All of you. Even yinz here in Pittsburgh.

The crowd gives the obligatory "Yay, he mentioned our hometown!" cheer.

Well, it's time I did something for myself. For ME. Because the one thing I've never gotten around a chance.

The crowd cheers, sensing what's coming.

Just like the Birds last Sunday, it's time for me to take MY place atop the mountain. It's time for everyone to FINALLY recognize MY skill, MY talent, MY commitment, and MY time. THIS IS MY TIME.

The cheers intensify.



I know you're here.

I want my shot.

I want my time.



What do you have to lose, Champ? If you're gonna put it on the line, put it on the line against me.

If there's one thing us Eagles fans, and even these Steelers chuds in here understand, it's loyalty. I don't think you're quite on the same page with us there. At least, I don't think SJG11 would think so, would he?

You shared the biggest stage in our game with your hero, and you tried to end his career. And what about Nanook? You took him under your wing, and then made him look foolish in front of the world. Yeah, maybe he deserved it, but you don't have a single shred of dignity in you, do you?

::Oh snap! Oh snap! Oh snap!::

And now you're the champion? It seems like the bigger asshole you are, the more you get, wrestling is a lot more like football than I thought, right?

The crowd vacates its bowels with glee at this allusion to the evil New England Patriots, who kind of own the hometown Pittsburgh Steelers.

Well, on Sunday night, you've got a shot to prove you deserve the title of champion IN THE RING against the hungriest underdog you've ever seen. Get your ass out here and either hand out the beating a true champion should, or hand the belt over to someone who will treasure it, and RESPECT it, and HONOR it the way it deserves.


And when I take that championship from you, there's gonna be a big championship parade, and EVERYONE is invited.


And you know where we have championship parades, right?

::Down-town! Down-town! Down-town! Down-town!::

"Go on and save yourself...and take it out on meeeee..."

Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 0)

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2018, 17:32
by Dwiltse1114
just as joehuya monitor over the entrance turns on while all the lights dim (anoyher in the dark venture who would have guessed). All of a sudden dwiltse pops up laughing in hysteria.

Who are you joe to demand a title shot when every wrestler here deserves it in their own right. Myself included. I would come out and smack you silly but I don't wanna get my hands dirty I'd much rather take u out in a more formal setting.

Crowd is cheering

Calm down crowd nothing for you worthless snobs to be excited about I also don't wanna smell your stink. Just standing out here I smell garbage.

Croad boos

However I digress as to joe as well as Mr telleo I propose a great match for the fans of mine even tho this city don't deserve it here. I propose a fatal 4 way with the fourth person being picked out by out authority Mr zoomzip. Or the next wrestler who steps up to take the championship.

Crowd excited in anticipation hoping the match goes off

There are other matters in wish I get to but that i will have to get to next week as I gotta run and wash the stink of this city off me. I hope Mr zoom approves of my terms and hope we can get this secret event started with a (pause) bang!!!!

Lights shut off with dwiltses insane laughter meeting everyone and their mother

Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 0)

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2018, 18:39
by sjg11
"Music plays*

A depressed, slovenly and clearly drunk sjg wanders out, a bottle of beer in one hand and an empty bottle in the other.

"We lost... to Spurs"

Sjg glares around the room for a moment.

"I'm mad as hell and I ain't gonna take it anymore. Telleo, I challenge you. I need to become the champion of something."

*Music stops playing and sjg storms back to his dressing room.

Ok, OOC for a moment:
1. I quite like Dwiltse suggesting a four-way showdown. In my view the fewer losers and winners we have the better. Sjg approves of that decision.
2. The Champion is like an immunity idol, after tonight it might be worth treating it like one. Namely a vote for who goes be the new Champion. Whoever is in a match-up with the elected champion should throw it.
3. It appears that there is not factional night kill in this game. The only way to get people killed at night is through forced retirement through injuries. The Big-Shot appears to be our only way of forcing injuries. It would seem sensible to enact a no Big-Shot policy for the moment.
4. I picked Telleo twice in my relationships because she's a Chelsea fan and she made me scum in a cop game last time out.
5. I do note that JoeHoya, kimbyrle and Dwiltse focused on the flavour rather than doing something like this in their first posts.
6. Welcome back Dwiltse and asudevil.
7. In terms of a plan, I'm thinking something like we arrange match-ups to try to minimise voting disparities. If you won one night you should lose the next night and vice-versa to prevent anyone accumulating too many votes.
8. And that's all for now everyone.

Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 0)

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2018, 19:26
by Zoomzip
The following challenges have been logged:

  • Kimbyle to ASUDevil
  • JoeHoya06 to Telleo
  • Dwiltse1114 to Telleo
  • SJG11 to Telleo

The following is the planned card if no challenges are accepted this phase (subject to change upon challenges or other actions)

Triple Threat Match: Nanooktheeskimo vs. SJG11 vs. Kimbyrle
Singles Match: RedSun vs. Dwiltze1114

#1 Contender's Match: JoeHoya06 vs. UpsideDownChuck
Championship Match: ASUDevil vs. Telleo

Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 0)

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2018, 20:54
by Telleo

The lights go out, and an expectant hush falls over the crowd. Somewhere, someone coughs. Then, the music starts. Synthesizer sweeps up repeatedly, like a low-register siren. The crowd begins to cheer as a voice counts down... 8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... The blasting strains of Final Countdown echo around the arena as the crowd goes wild.

A voice echoes from the rafters:

"I first met him atop a mountain near Jerusalem, praying to God, asking His forgiveness, for the merciless pummelings he had inflicted that day.

Next, he amazed me still further in Italy when he saved a fatherless beauty from the would-be ravishings of her dreadful Turkish uncle.

In Greece, he spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper.

And so, without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado, I give to you the Seeker of Serenity, The Protector of Italian Virginity, The Enforcer of our Lord God,

The One --"

A rope drops from the ceiling...

"The Only --"

A man begins to climb deftly down the rope...

"Yourrrrrrrr reigning championnnnnnnnnnn.... THE MAN IN BLACK!"

The Man in Black drops the last few feet into the arena, and spreads his arms wide to welcome the thunderous applause that greets him. Grabbing a mic, he speaks:

"Do you know why I'm here?"

"TO TALK SOME SMACK!" roars the crowd.

"Do you know who I face?"

"SOME SAD SACK!" comes the reply.

"SAY MY NAME!" he calls into the mic.

"THE MAN IN BLACK" the crowd screams in response. It's several minutes before they calm down enough for him to be heard again.

"Now, I know you're all excited to watch me face off against ASUdevil. But's it's come to my attention..." he trails off for dramatic effect. "That someone out here..." the crowd starts screaming out names, Sjg, dwilt, JoeHoya. "Thinks they've got what it takes." Catcalls and boos follow. "To take on the CHAMPION!" Jeering and yelling, accompanied by raucous laughter.

"Sjg11!! You were my idol! You were my hero! And look at you now - you're nothing! Nothing but a washed up old has-been who talks with his mouth instead of his fists. As my sole challenger this evening..." He trails off again, letting the crowd correct him. "What's that?" He shakes his head. "JoeHoya? Never heard of him." He laughs. "The fuck is a Dwilt? No, no my friends. I'm here to take up Sjg11 in a grudge match - not suitable for all ages. Sjg11! Consider your gauntlet picked up. Your face slapped back. Your challenge accepted. The rest of you... come back in a few years. If you dare."

With that, he drops the mic, and saunters off the stage to deafening applause.


I'm not sure I agree with SJG/Dwilt that a 4-way is the best option tonight. Tonight, everyone's at 1 vote (except me, and anyone who has some sneaky role that lets them have more than one). No one can go below one. Tonight, we want as many losers as possible, to make sure that anyone with a hidden agenda extra vote... loses it. There's no downside, because the town doesn't lose votes (If you're town with a hidden extra vote, come forward now - we can decide wether or not you keep it, but more importantly no one's holding out surprises for Day-End).

Also, as you may have noticed, I declined two challenges issued to me. A Hidden Rule was revealed to me after I was challenged multiple times: If multiple challenges are issued to the same player, that player may accept one and decline the rest without penalty. I've been made to believe that anyone who receives multiple challenges will be likewise illuminated.

That rule reveal was the main reason I posted now - as Champion, I figured I might get a plurality of challenges tonight, and I was intending to wait and see who fell where, but with that rule in place, I'd rather come forward now- it confirms that there are hidden rules in place, which (in conjunction with ZZ's rule that says there may or may not be other elimination routes) makes me question SJG's assumption that there are no scum night kills.

That said, I concur with Sjg's proposed No Big-Shot attempts proposal, as well as his "let's pass the Championship to townies" proposal. Tonight I won't be holding back, but should I still be the Champion tomorrow night, we can figure out who I should pass to.

Also a fan of minimizing vote discrepancies.

I picked Sjg for my idol cause I really do look up to the guy, and I picked nanook to be the guy I upstaged cause I thought it'd make him mad and that'd be hilarious. UDC was a random pick.

Lastly, it might get confusing this game so here it is: I am a girl, and my preferred pronouns are she/her. Since my character is male, I won't be upset to be referred to as male in this game, but just so y'all's aware: