Mafia CLXIV: Second Chance Mafia Day 4

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Re: Second Chance Mafia Day 4

Postby shadowface » 24 Sep 2017, 20:25

If sjg's scum, congratz. At least he'd deserve the win. This would be by far the best scum I've ever seen him play.
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Re: Second Chance Mafia Day 4

Postby condude1 » 24 Sep 2017, 20:33

And this day ends with the town all chanting Zoomzip's name in a circle around him with torches and pitchforks out. After getting run through by 4 pitchforks, and roasted shortly thereafter by several torches, he's good and dead...

Zoomzip (4): NicholasIII, RedSun, shadowfriend1, sjg11
SJG11 (1): Zoomzip

And then he reappears behind you.

Zoomzip was a protagonist. As such, he remains in the game, with one life remaining.

Sjg11 smirks when this happens, and exchanges a knowing glance with the new Zoomzip, before plunging a well-used knife into the nearest protagonist's back. As the life fades from their eyes, the game fades to black...


Congratulations to Sjg11, Nanooktheeskimo, and, yes, Zoomzip, the victorious antagonists!

AAR here, thanks everyone for playing!
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Re: Second Chance Mafia Day 4

Postby sjg11 » 24 Sep 2017, 20:44

shadowfriend1 wrote:
sjg11 wrote:Having spent most of the day seriously worrying about your alignment, I have some sympathy.

Okay, since the game is almost over, I'll admit this was my intention.

At the start of the day, Zoomzip saying he would be chill with throwing the game to the scum freaked me out. It was a reasonable view for him to take if he thought I was likely to be town. Kind of cheap, but reasonable. And it would cost me the game. Voting him wouldn't do anything to dissuade him from it. The only thing that would really make his view untenable was for me to be scum. The more I could increase the likelihood of me being scum in the eyes of the townie between you and ZZ, the less viable this strategy became. The odds of you or him winning through mislynch would be inversely proportional with my scummyness. (If it's a 90% chance I'm scum to the townie between you, that's only a 10% chance of winning with a mislynch. If it's a 10% chance I'm scum, that's a 90% chance of winning with a mislynch).

I also realized that I was pretty much off the table for a lynch. So there was very little benefit to being townread, with a much higher benefit to being scumread. As a result, I started to edit all my posts for the first ~48 hours of the day to establish a scummy tone. I went out of my way not to defend myself from simple accusations or say little things that would indicate I'm town (I deleted quite a few posts). I didn't let it interfere with my scumhunting, but I just removed the little indicators of town that naturally come to a townie. I figured that there was no risk of my getting lynched today unless I really overdid it, but if I changed my play and tone to act like vague scum, whoever of you and Zoomzip was town would assume they could only win with the town. This way you'd both keep fighting with each other to stay alive. In a town that consisted of 2 players who are going to in reality win regardless of their play, 1 noob contributing almost nothing, and 1 guy going camping, I NEEDED Zoomzip and sjg to fight for their lives to have any hope of actually solving the game.

It doesn't really matter much at this point, but this might help anyone confused with why I looked so stupidly scummy at the start of the day make sense of my play.

Yeah, this strengthens my SF townread.
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