Retreat Fall 1601

Six player game devised and introduced by Malevolence. Draw between diplomat42 and Roughly6Owls

Retreat Fall 1601

Postby Malevolence » 06 Aug 2011, 22:58

IR Fall 1601 Retreat.gif
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Only retreat I need is Milan from genoa.


Savoy- Anonymousli
A Susa Support F GoL move Nice-bounced
A Nice Support F GoL move Nice-failed

F Adriatic Sea-Zara-resolved
F East Med-Adriatic Sea-resolved
F African Sea-Africa-resolved
F Messina-East Med-resolved
A Naples Hold-resolved
A Foggia-Salerno-resolved

F Trieste-Gulf of Venice-resolved
A Venice-Ferrara-resolved
A Mantua S A Venice-Ferrara-resolved
A Vicenza-Venice-resolved
A Urb-Assisi-bounced

Gol move to Genoa-resolved
Lucca support Gol move to Genoa-resolved
Florence support Lucca to hold-resolved
Pisa move Cor-resolved
Bol support Pisa to Cor-resolved

Army Turin MOVE to Susa-bounced
Army Asti MOVE to Nice-bounced
Army Genoa SUPPORT Army Asti to Nice-bounced
Army Nevara MOVE to Milan-resolved
Army Alas MOVE to Parma-resolved

F West Med - Ajaccio-resolved
F Central Sea S F West Med - Ajaccio-resolved
A Cagliari Hold-resolved
A Siena - Pisa-resolved
F Assisi - Urb-bounced

Rushing out the door- so news will happen on the build phase. :)
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