Orders Fall 1600

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Orders Fall 1600

Postby Malevolence » 25 Jul 2011, 22:17

Italian Rennaissance Fall 1600.gif
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Well as you can see- not retreats for this turn so were good to go on the next orders phase.

orders will be due JULY 27TH 23:59 EST

In the news-
Citizens of Turin are terrified :shock: as Milan troops storm the gates and capture the city. Savoy was unable or unwilling to defend its most defendable city and allowed milan to take it without a fight :? . Firenzian armies moved into bologna recently and while reports say that this grants them no advantage over the papal state defenders, it may be seen as an act of war- only time will tell :x . Another papal army attempted to attack gaeta, a city of naples but was forced back by reinforcements rushing in from foggia :| . In other news, many small kingdoms have been taken over by larger military forces. Territories such as Lucca, genoa, asti and ferrarra have been attacked by other nations ad are being absorbed into their culture. If they stay under the invading control for another 6 months- I believe they may very well join the nations and aid theire efforts with fresh troops.....

Thats the news :geek: .........

Papal States-wolverine
F Viterbo-Central Sea-resolved
A Assisi-Siena-resolved
A Rome-Gaeta-bounced

F Pisa-Gulf of Lyons-resolved
A Florence-Luc-resolved
A Cor-Bol-resolved

Savoy- Anonymousli
A Turin move Susa-resolved
A Susa move Nice-resolved
F Nice move Genoa-resolved

Naples- diplomat42
F Naples-Tyrrhenian Sea-resolved
F Reggio-East Med-resolved
A Foggia-Gaeta-bounced

Army Alas MOVE to Asti-resolved
Army Milan MOVE to Parma-resolved
Army Nevara MOVE to Turin

Zara-Gulf of Venice-resolved
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Re: Orders Fall 1600

Postby diplomat42 » 25 Jul 2011, 23:59

I think you made a mistake here:

Thats the news :geek: .........

should be

Thats the news :ugeek: .........


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