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Postby jay65536 » 18 Sep 2020, 04:17

I don’t have time to type the entire thing up now, but England should have a solo in 1905. Your solution is too slow.

The key is to notice that taking neutrals is always better and faster than taking occupied centers—so much so that you should be bypassing close centers to take neutrals farther away. I am thinking:

1901 Norway and Belgium, build F Lvp and A Edi
1902 Holland, StP (convoy Edi-Nwy in Spring while Nwy-Fin), Den, and your F Lvp ends up in MAO
1903 MAO moves to Wes and takes Tun, you also get Moscow and Kiel while a new fleet takes MAO
1904 Rumania, Greece, one of Spain/Por, Ber, Munich, Sweden. That is 17. But I don’t currently see how you add one more. You have to wait until 1905.

Edited to add: I think England is the only country that needs until 1905. Russia can be done in 03 and I think I found a solo in 04 for every other country (Turkey is tricky but I think it adds up to 18 in 04).
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