An Acceptable Draw?

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Re: An Acceptable Draw?

Postby VGhost » 26 Jun 2019, 03:37

NoPunIn10Did wrote:
David E. Cohen wrote:...I think it has to do with how players learn the game and how widespread the belief is that fewer people in the draw means an inherently better draw.

Honestly, it's probably both simpler and harder to deal with than that. It's the fact that in a large number (maybe still the majority) of strategy games, the goal is to be the last left/highest scoring/similar criteria. So draw size is a reasonable assumption, even apart from arguments about how the rules should be understood (or what leads to the most interesting game without strict regard for the letter of the rules).

I definitely think more could be done to underscore the ideas that (a) the game is about your own power's success and (b) elimination of opponents is not actively rewarded or punished (apart from DSS interpretations under an exterior scoring system) as a factor in that success. But it's a push-back against more than just Diplomacy players' own habits.
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Re: An Acceptable Draw?

Postby David E. Cohen » 26 Jun 2019, 13:47

One thing that (I believe) many don't realize is that oftentimes eliminations lead to draws becoming more likely. Complexity, both tactical and diplomatic, is the Soloist's friend.

The more players there are, there are more likely to be opportunities to exploit miscommunications, and to take advantage of players working at cross purposes. So, keep players alive if the game situation permits it.
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