Site rules update 3rd March 2019

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Site rules update 3rd March 2019

Postby super_dipsy » 05 Mar 2019, 08:03

A number of changes have been made to site rules (for fair use and falr play), effective from now. Mostly they are tweaks rather than major changes, but there are some that deserve additional comment.

The site has always had an Ethos of respect, but has to balance this with the fact that Diplomacy is often an emotional and intense (not to mention rough!) game. This is a tricky line to hold, but it seems over the last few years there has been a creeping tendency to move away from respect and more to abuse in various forms. Some of the tweaks are deliberately designed to try to re-establish focus. Of particular importance is the attitude Mods will be using on policing Messaging and Public Press. These are the two areas of rule changes I want to focus on here.

Public Press
It is worth reminding people that Public Press is visible to all, not just to players in the game. We have guidelines of what is and is not acceptable, but frankly people should be able to use their own brains on this. Picture your public press posts being read by a wide range of players of different cultures, colours, ages, sex, maturity etc.. Do you feel your post would be appropriate given that audience? Maybe as a good check, imagine your Mum or Dad is also reading it ;)

In-game messaging
This is very tricky, because it is here that the raw emotions generated by Diplomacy tend to get most expression. We have always tried to hold a line that in-game comms between countries will be dealt with a light touch - that is, when reviewing messages, Mods would try to focus on serious breaches such as pornography or cyber-bullying. We have also more or less tried to leave Friends and Schools games messging alone entirely. This appears to be an area where we have become a little too lax, and as a result the 'respect' ethos has taken a few hits. The rule tweaks make it clear that we are tightening up a bit here. Basically, if you look at the list of inappropriate content that we make for Public Press, that is a good basis for in-game messaging too, but with the proviso that we have to allow people to play the game without removing the intensity of it. The line we will try to take is that we will always show more latitude to players in in-game messages with regard to the rules on content, but players need to be aware this is not a carte blanche. If we feel a player is going too far, then action will be taken.

Finally, let me repeat the point about site ethos of respect. Of course people are going to get heated (!) playing Diplomacy. I know friends who refuse to play F2F any more because it causes so many fights. Of course people are going to fly off the handle and react with strong emtions on occassions. But keep in mind that ethos of respect for your other players. I've always thought there's nothing wrong with a simple 'sorry'' (maybe AFTER the game is done!) when you know you have gone rather over the top...
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