Fall 1153

A four-player game of set in Iberia in 1150. Created and introduced to the site by Thomas Blazevic (Magmaniac). GM: Magmaniac. Inconclusive ending.

Fall 1153

Postby Magmaniac » 05 Aug 2011, 04:55

Fall 1153

Portugal: Robert Gesualdo
A Oporto S A Duoro
A Duoro S A Salamanca M Badajoz
F Lisbon M Gulf of Lisbon

Leon: musashisamurai

Castille: Morg
Viscaya S Pamplona H (failed, no corresponding order)
Leon H
Avila S Salamanca->Badajoz
Calatrava S Salamanca->Badajoz (cut)
Toledo S Calatrava H

Aragon: ninjaruler
Denia move Huescar
Murcia support Denia move to Huescar
West med support Murcia to hold
Balearic support West med to hold
Valencia move Denia
Zaragoza move Valencia
Pamplona move Zaragoza

Almohads: Palin
Fleet Almeria hold
Army Huescar support Fleet Almeria hold (cut, dislodged, retreat needed)
Army Mentesa move Calatrava (bounce w/ Calatrava)
Army Alarcos support Army Mentesa move Calatrava
Army Badajoz support Army Mentesa move Calatrava (cut, dislodged, autoretreat to Jerez)
Army Evora support Army Badajoz hold
Fleet Tangier hold


Retreats are due Friday (tomorrow) August 5th at 10:00 PM CST (GMT-6).
But since it's just one retreat, if I see it sooner I'll just make the map ASAP.
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