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Spring 1152

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2011, 18:11
by Magmaniac
Spring 1152

Portugal: Robert Gesualdo
F Oporto M Coimbra
A Coimbra M Lisbon

Leon: musashisamurai
Duoro move Galicia
Leon move Palencia (bounce w/ Palencia, dislodged, autoretreat to Asturias)

Castille: Morg
Guadalajara -> Mentesa (bounce w/ Mentesa)
Toledo H
Burgos -> Palencia (bounce w/ Leon)
Salamanca S Zamora H
Valladolid -> Leon
Zamora S Valladolid -> Leon

Aragon: ninjaruler
med move west med (bounce w/ Strait of Gibraltar)
Balearic support denia to murcia
denia move murcia
zaragoza move pamplona
valencia hold

Almohads: Aecrylis
Evora - Duoro
Badajoz S Evora - Duoro
Western Med - Almeria
Strait of Gibralta - Western Med (bounce w/ Mediterranean Sea)
Jerez - Evora
Alarcos S Calatrava Hold
Murcia - Denia (bounce w/ Denia, dislodged, autoretreat to Huescar)


Fall 1152 orders are due Wednesday July 20th at Noon CST (GMT-6).

Re: Spring 1152

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2011, 09:21
by Magmaniac
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