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Re: War in the Americas 2: Rules

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2011, 06:36
by Pedros
DOI wrote:That was kind of the point. You'd be creating a coast where no would ever want to move to. Not like Spain(NC), where it's almost always just in the way, but a coast that there is literally no reason to move to instead of the other coast. There's no circumstances under which you'd be forced into Chi(NC) instead of Chi(WC), and no advantage to moving there on your own. You can certainly have a north coast without breaking anything, but there's no reason to.

OK, I give in!

But on the principle that I'm not changing the map after the start, I'm leaving it there. But for posterity, I accept that it's useless.

But that actually means the map should be redrawn. It still offends against basic Dip principles!

Re: War in the Americas 2: Rules

PostPosted: 26 Jun 2011, 02:21
by diplomat42
If it's a coast, there's a reason for it to exist!

I'm from Chicago, and I feel proud of having a north side, south side and west side.

I want a north coast, south coast and west coast to match!