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New to the site

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2018, 23:00
by Jpfiddy
Hello. I haven’t played online in many years.....and honestly I just flat out haven’t played in many years. Being a husband and Dad of two took over for a long time. Now one is off the college and the other is about to drive. It leaves me some time.

I looked under games and didn’t see any. Would love to get into a game. What should my next steps be? Thanks!

John Fitzgerald

Re: New to the site

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2018, 23:28
by jay65536
If you are interested in getting into a "mentor" game, look in the subforum "Mentoring". There's a game forming now, and we have 7 players in theory, but you can ask to be added to a list that will either put you into the currently forming game (if other people give up their spots), or give you priority for the next one.

Re: New to the site

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2018, 23:45
by Jpfiddy
Thanks Jay. I’ll take a look.

Re: New to the site

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2018, 23:53
by V
Welcome. As soon as your first game is complete (mentor games count) you can join the Classicists. They have the best games on PlayDip, with few NMR’s or surrenders. There is a forum where Classicist games are advertised & folks sign up. The PlaDip Diplomacy League (PDL) is a brand new feature of the site. We are in round 1 of it’s first season. If you sign up as a standby, should anyone drop out the mjparrett (league moderator) will contact you offering a place should it become available. Otherwise, have a great time back at Diplomacy & see you around.

Best Regards V

Re: New to the site

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2018, 23:54
by TheCraw
Hi and welcome!

To find active and/or pending games you can join, look under the SUB-tab "Join Games"
(here's a link:

Note: Some games you won't be eligible for as they are "Password Protected" or are available to only "Premium" members.

But hey, why not get a Premium membership? The minimum payment is 25 dollars/uk pounds/euros. The money goes towards new developments and site running costs.

Re: New to the site

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2018, 00:06
by Shyvve
Hey Jpfiddy,

If I had to pick one single thread to recommend on this site for a returning player (as I was a year ago) it would be this one posted by WHS a few years ago: link. There is tons of info there and links to other sites also.

As V noted Classicists games are a good way to start as they generally involve good communication and strive primarily to eliminate NMR's (no moves received). The Classicists are just a Group here onsite and their subforum can be found from the Forum homepage by scrolling down to the Games section, then Games>Groups>Classicists. The Oldies Group is also there which I joined soon after joining the site here, but they are not as active (cuz we're old n stuff). :(

A Mentor game could be the way to go if you just want to step back into Dip and refamiliarize yourself. There's a lot of good info available also under the Guides and Site's Rules Tabs found on the site's homepage:

Welcome to the site!

Re: New to the site

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2018, 00:51
by Jpfiddy
Thanks all for the welcome.

1. The Craw.....I’ll gladly pay $25 for a premium membership after I’ve played a game. Just want to see how it works.

2. Shyvve......thanks. Checking out the thread.

Re: New to the site

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2018, 01:11
by Jpfiddy
And thanks V! Looking at that as well.