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Experienced Players Wanted

PostPosted: 16 May 2016, 22:01
by Alman
I am looking to get the Mentor Games restarted until WHS is able to return. To that end, we could use some new Mentors. If you would be willing and able to run a Mentor Game to help people learn the site and the game, then please post here or send a PM. We will be vetting applicants and we'll let you know if you've been selected as a Mentor.
If you are selected, there are many resources to help you do a good job without having to create new content yourself.

Here is an overview created by WHS about the Mentoring program.

Objective of the Mentor Games

On the one hand, we are providing mentor games as a service to new players, but ultimately, we are doing all this:
to have more highly engaged members of the PlayDip community and the Diplomacy hobby.
To that end we want the mentor games to:
be a fun game
be a welcoming, encouraging introduction to
provide an environment to easily learn the game and the interface
begin to send some basic hobby & site cultural messages (e.g. reliability)
increase use & interaction by players with the forum

Responsibilities of Mentors

With those goals in mind, these are the minimum responsibilities of mentors:

Advertise your game aggressively (home page bumps, PMs to forum posters, whatever else) to get it started on time.
Shepherd players into the game with step-by-step instructions in PMs. Continue to be in touch with players who've shown interest and have their names on the list rather than just PM'ing the password once when the game is created.
Keep the mentor game announcement thread updated so the other mentors know the status. Update the vet list for so long as your game is the most recent thread.

During the game:
Proactively help with orders/rules - give instructions before hand, offer to check orders for errors, read the order history and look for trouble and offer to help any struggling player for the first game year or two.
Be available/responsive in a timely manner to questions (ideally 24hr turnaround). Encourage the use of PMs for questions.
Check in with the game periodically (ideally daily) to look for surrenders or problems. Fill open positions of >2 SCs using the vet standby list. Post on the current game thread (or PM the mentor) to have them update the standby list rotation.
At some point in the game, send a message about reliability and playing hard to the end and provide some links to useful forum posts.
The 2nd, 5th, and 7th points bear emphasis, if only because they may not be obvious and they are important to getting the game rolling timely and accomplishing the objective of creating some connection with PlayDip community.

Other than performing these minimum responsibilities, mentors have the autonomy to teach as they see fit so that this remains a satisfying experience for the mentors too. Any issues with mentor performance can be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Common Noob Problems

So that mentors have some idea what to expect, here are some of the most common problems to address

Drop outs:
Users will sign up for a game and not show up, join and not confirm, start the game and quit. The logistics of getting the game rolling in a timely manner and filling vacant spots is the most time-intensive part of the job. I recommend filling surrenders of 3 or more unit positions with a vet from the standby list and not force noobs to take over a surrendered position.

Most questions are around simultaneous adjudication generally with specific issues about:

You cannot cut support for an attack on yourself
Even a dislodged unit can cut a support somewhere else
You cannot support to hold a unit that is ordered to move
Supporting unit A that is in turn supporting unit B does not to protect the support to unit B from being cut by an attack

The Map:
Coast confusion regarding movement (accessible coasts, coastal crawl) and supports (you support a province not a coast; fleets on a coast cannot support a province they cannot move to)
There is a land bridge from Denmark to Sweden; there is not a land bridge between North Africa & Spain
You may not travel from Hel nor Ska to Baltic, Aegean to Black in one step – they are not adjacent

Convoy misorders (army moves to destination, fleets convoy from origin to destination)
A convoy is disrupted by dislodging a fleet in the convoy; attacking a fleet is not enough
You cannot convoy through Kiel, Denmark, Constantinople or any other coastal province

Re: Experienced Players Wanted

PostPosted: 16 May 2016, 23:34
by Gooderian
I'll throow my name on the list.

I will not be available before the very end of May, but that should not be too much of a problem.

Re: Experienced Players Wanted

PostPosted: 16 May 2016, 23:43
by OldBaldGuy
I've been playing over 40 years. 3 of my 5 kids play - quite well.

Let me know.

Re: Experienced Players Wanted

PostPosted: 17 May 2016, 00:36
by Elric Hazard
OldBaldGuy wrote:... 3 of my 5 kids play...

Well Done, OBG !

Mentors: I will be willing to take over a surrender if one comes up. Promise to be mostly nice, even. Mostly.