Creating a New Game

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Creating a New Game

Postby rick.leeds » 24 Apr 2011, 18:18

OK, most of this is pretty much self-explanatory, but I thought I'd throw this out there anyway.

Game Name: What you're going to call the name. DON'T include abusive or foul language; if the game is spotted the name MAY be changed.
Description: You can put here what kind of game it is. Good things to include are whether it is a friends/colleagues/classmates game, just in case someone drops out and a replacement comes in - they know what to expect then; also, it is useful to say if you expect people to finalise or something like that.
Password: If you use a password, it will mean people can only join if they know what the password is. However, should someone surrender the password becomes ineffective.
Countries: You can select how powers are assigned:
- RANDOM: every player will be assigned a country with no choice.
- PREFERENCES: players can enter up to three countries. You may not get your first choice.
- FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED: players enter the country they want, from the available list only; if there aren't seven countries to choose from, someone got there first.
Stats: Decides whether the winner(s) receive ranking points for the game. RANK means you will, NO RANK means not. Also NO RANK games don't give or remove points for surrenders/
Draw Includes All Survivors: Decides how draws are decided. If you check this then the game can only end if all surviving players agree to it and all will be awarded points. If you don't check DIAS then, again, all players surviving players must agree to the draw, but not all of them need to be in the draw. In this game, the draw proposer has to check which powers s/he wants to share the draw with.[See NB1 below.]
Type: Selects the type of game (not all available to non-Premium members):
REGULAR: the normal game, with full communication - in-game messages and public press.
ANONYMOUS: players names are not known in this game (you MUST not enter a game knowing who the other players are).
GUNBOAT: no communication at all allowed, including outside the game and site.
PUBLIC PRESS ONLY: negotiations only via the public press box; no in-game messages and no other communication allowed.
Variants: Games where the rules are changed.
CLASSIC: the normal game.
FLEET ROME: Italy starts the game with A(Ven), F(Nap) - as normal - and F(Rom), which replaces the normal army that starts in Rome.
WINTER 1900: no units are in place at the start of the game and players can choose which units to place in any of their national centres (of course, armies can only go in the SCs which are land-locked).
BUILD ANYWHERE: starts like a normal game, but players can build in any SCs they own that are empty.
AGE OF EMPIRES: players start with only one unit, and they can decide what unit type it should be; this is also Build Anywhere.
CHAOS: players have three starting SCs which may be anywhere on the board, not grouped as in the standard game; also Build Anywhere.
Fog of War: an additional variant which can be applied to any combination of Types and Variants. IN FoW games your units can only see neighbouring spaces, not the whole board.

DEADLINES (All deadlines range from 12 hours to 7 days).
Order Phase: How long it takes for the orders to process. The first order phase (Spring 1901) will be twice as long as the deadlines you set.
Retreat Phase: As above, for retreats.
Build Phase: As above, for adjustments (builds and disbands).
Don't process deadlines on: Allows you to exclude different times when you don't want a deadline to process on; eg if you check "weekends", no deadline will process then (but they may process pretty quickly on the Monday following, so make sure you get the orders in).
Finalize orders: If you check this box, when players are happy with their orders they can click "Finalize orders" in their orders tabs. When all players do this the phase ends and orders begin to process. You can finalise and then change your orders afterwards (you'll need to finalise again) using the normal way of ordering; if everyone else has finalised, though, this won't be open to you.
Live game: This is a game where phases last for 15 minutes.
Live game lasts for: Here you set how long the Live game lasts for. If the game does not end at the end of this time, the game will revert to the deadlines you set above.

Game Map: Two choices - the default is the "new" map with added detail; if you want to use the original map the site used, you need to select that.
Icons: Five choices - the default is the "new" icons - infantry man and battleship; you have others to choose from. If you choose the original map, you only have four sets of icons, with the cannon and sail-boat as default.

NB1: Draws can only be suggested from 1905 in any game.
NB2: If players do not enter orders (NMR) their units are in Civil Disorder and only hold. Three consecutive NMRs - order (movement) phases will result in a player being automatically surrendered.
NB3: In anonymous games, players may claim an identity once the game has started, a true or false identity.
NM4: There are strict guidelines for starting a Live game - see here.
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