Games which have members invent characters to participate in story-lines.


Postby Chrome » 05 Oct 2020, 17:31

This game is different in that it does not require preparation. Also, all players are equal - there is no leader.
Players will have to reincarnate as ordinary people, with exorbitant ambitions and devoid of self-control. Because of this, they will find themselves in incredible life situations, from which they will have to look for a way out. The game can be a great adventure for those looking for a thrill.
The sources of plots and styles in the game are a mixture of films by the Coen brothers, in which the normal world seems to go crazy and turns to ordinary people with the most creepy side. Also mentioned are classics of cinema - "Black Cat, White Cat''
Asian cinema - ''Sympathy for Mr. Revenge''
Westerns - ''Iron Grip''
Action movies - ''Lock, Stock, Two Barrels''
Fantasy - ''Nosferatu'', ''Dr. Caligari's Cabinet''
Fantasy movies in post-apocalypse - ''Mad Max'', ''Guy, and his dog''

Up to 5 people can take part in the game.
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Re: Fiasco

Postby Custer » 06 Oct 2020, 04:05

OK, count me in.

If I'm allowed?

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