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Spring 3008

PostPosted: 11 May 2011, 09:16
by Pedros
Big changes in the offing. New erosions cause no less than four armies to try their hands at swimming (or paddling), without success, but the big news concerns the northern front, where it looks as though Russia and Germany are at last at war after many years of uneasy truce, and the south where Italy now looks under extreme pressure but Austria's future seems rosier, at least for the present.

The only retreat is Italy, from Naples - as soon as possible please GhostEcho, and 0800 BST Thursday at the latest please.

One centre built, one destroyed, so current SC count remains at 33 - target 17

Geophysical events.gif
Geophysical events.gif (35.95 KiB) Viewed 1382 times

Geophysical.gif (35.98 KiB) Viewed 1382 times

Austria: Palin
Erode Serbia : Resolved
Stabilize Naples

Army Naples support Army Tunis move Ionian Sea : Resolved

France: vaderi
Sink Tus : Resolved

Stabilize Norway
Stabilize Lvp
Stabilize Gulf of Lyons
Stabilize Piedmont
Stablize Marseilles
Stabilize North Sea
Stabilize Edinburgh
Stabilize Hol
Stabilize Tunis
Stabilize Bur/Mun Border
Stabilize Bur/Ruhr Border
Stabilize Bel/Ruhr Border
Stabilize Paris

A Norway Move Finland : Resolved
A North Sea Move Norway : Resolved
A Edinburgh Move North Sea : Resolved
F Lvp Move NAO : Resolved
A Eng Support Edinburgh to North Sea : Resolved
A Hol Support Edinburgh to North Sea : Resolved
A Bel Move Bur : Resolved
A Piedmont Support Gulf of Lyons to Tus : Can't paddle
F Gulf of Lyons Move Tus : Resolved
F Tyrrhenian Sea Support Naples to Hold : Resolved
A Tunis Move Ionian Sea : Resolved
A Paris Hold : Resolved
A Marseilles Support Piedmont to Hold

Germany: LogicCure
Create SC: Bohemia : Resolved

Stabilize - Berlin, Kiel, Denmark, Veinna, Budapest, Trieste, Galicia

A Den - Hold : Resolved
A Kiel S A Den - Hold : Resolved
A Ber - Pru : Can't paddle
A Mun - Tyr : Resolved
A Vie - Bud Bounced
A Bud - Ser : Can't paddle
A Tri S A Bud - Ser : Can't paddle

Italy: GhostEcho
Event: Earthquake Naples-Tyrhennian border (separates them) : Resolved, but no immediate effect (see Rule 2d)
Stabilize: Ionian, Naples, Apulia

Orders: A Ven H
A Apu S A Ionian -> Naples : Attack failed
A Ionian -> Naples : Can't cut support; dislodged; retreat

Russia: Spekulatius
A Sweden SUPPORT Skaggerack to Denmark : Attack failed
A Livonia SUPPORT Moscow to St. Petersburg : Resolved
A Moscow MOVE St. Petersburg : Resolved
F Constantinople MOVE Aegean : Resolved
A Bulgaria HOLD : Resolved
A Skaggerack MOVE Denmark : Bounced
F Bothnia SUPPORT Sweden to hold : Fleet is in Baltic nc
A Rumania SUPPORT Bulgaria to hold : Resolved
A Ukraine HOLD : Resolved

As for my geophysical event - please flood Prussia :) : Resolved : Ravine along the border remains in place but has no current effect (same rule as above)

Re: Spring 3008

PostPosted: 11 May 2011, 13:44
by VGhost
A Ionian R Greece.

Re: Spring 3008

PostPosted: 11 May 2011, 14:59
by vaderi
could the border of Tyrrhenian/Naples be a little bit more dotted if it's been earthquaked.

Never mind, I missed Bulgaria.

Re: Spring 3008

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 13:38
by Pedros
It's lightly dotted because on a land/sea border it has no current effect, but I've thickened them to make it clearer that they still exist.

If it's important I'll try to find another way to do it, but I don't want to make it look like the others because that could seriously mislead.

Spring Retreats 3008

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 13:49
by Pedros
Italy: A Ionian - Greece

Fall 3008 orders are due by 1300 BST (0800 EDT) on Sunday 15 May

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